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Tips for Making Employer Trip Reduction Work

In making plans for Clean Air Act compliance, consider the following:

Bike parking indoors, or lockers out doors

Showers and clothing lockers to freshen up and/or keep nice clothes at office so cyclists can be neat.

Guaranteed ride home. If an emergency arises for those using alternate modes, including carpooling, who need to get home unexpectedly, there should be a spare car for them to use or a taxi service provided.

Cash out parking. Determine how much the car parking is worth (land cost, pavement cost, maintenance...). One alternative is to give each employee that money. Those who park have to pay for parking and those who don't park, get to do whatever else they want with it. Another alternative on that is to just give the money to those not parking. I think the first is more effective, but they're pretty similar.

Do you know B.I.K.E? It's an advocacy organization in Morris County. They're involved in this. Check em out.

This was written by Daniel Convissor on 17 April 1994 as personal correspondence to pcbk1@cbnewsj.cb.att.com in response to a question posted on rec.bicycles.misc


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