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Governmental Measures to Encourage Cycling

Some game wardens...driving fewer than 50 miles a day, are trying to patrol their beats on mountain bikes.

--Earth Island Journal, Spring.

City of Boulder Bicycle and Pedestrian Program has a "full service" program that includes elements from all four E's -- Engineering, Education, Encouragement, and Enforcement. The low cost improvements include: Bicycle safe grates which are safe from all angles. Path maintenance trailer for a bicycle. Used during cycling months, the trailer includes broom, shovel, brush trimmers, and information brochures for passing cyclists. The maintenance person is good for PR, as an information source and for some friendly enforcement. Bicycle rack installation. Bicycles for City employees on City business. The bicycle program orders the bikes (at a discount) and gives a safety class for the riders. The bikes have a maintenance contract with a local bike shop. Each department pays for the bikes that they will use. Rodeos are a low cost way to reach kids. Printed information includes a motorists awareness brochure, a map and a pedestrian awareness bumper sticker.

--Jim Freemont, Proceedings from Pro Bike 88. Bike Federation, 1818 R St. NW, Washington, DC. 20009. 202/332-6986.

[The Council in the town of Sutton, England has created a] "bike pool" and [offers] a mileage allowance of up to 58 pence a mile. And in the London Borough of Haringey, Derek Turner has introduced bicycles for use by borough engineers on work trips. Mr Turner pointed out that this switch from cars to bikes is particularly useful for the engineers, who will be able to find out for themselves the main problems facing Haringey's cyclists and use this information to develop a network of safe routes.

--London Cyclist, July/August 1990. London Cycling Campaign.

The Downtown Management Commission of Boulder, Colorado has ordered 100 new bicycles and 50 helmets so that free bicycles can be made available to tourists and residents alike. A credit card will be required as a deposit!

Milan, Italy, has instituted a program for people to use public cycles in the downtown area, there are signs which state "A thousand yellow bicycles for the people of Milan."

--How To Promote Bicycling as a Pollution Solution, (June 1989). League of American Bicyclists.

Each administration within the Department will designate one cyclist employee as a contact point for employee bicycle transportation concerns. [This is a good move for corporations as well.]

--Bicycle Transportation for Energy Conservation, a report of the Secretary of Transportation to the President and the Congress, April 1980.

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