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Calvin & Hobbes: A Sci-Fi Environmental Story

Frame 1: A space ship flying toward earth. "The aliens came from a far distant world in a large yellow ship that blinked as it twirled.  It rounded the moon, and entered our sky.  We knew
they had come but we didn't know why."

Frame 2: The space ship has a huge pipe sucking the water from the ocean.  "Bright the next morning with noisy commotion, the ship slowly moved out over the ocean and lowered a tube and
drained the whole sea for transfer back home to their galaxy."

Frame 3: The ship can be seen way off in the sky sucking on a cloud.  People can be seen gasping for air in the streets.  "The tube then sucked up the clouds and the air, causing no small
amount of earthlings despair.  With nothing to breathe, we started to die.  Help us!  Please Stop! was the public outcry."

Frame 4: The space ship with a speaker popping out the top.  "A hatch opened up and the aliens said, we're sorry to learn that you soon will be dead.  But though you may find this slightly
macabre, we prefer your extinction to the loss of our job."

Frame 5: Calvin and Hobbes sitting on a boulder.  And Calvin asks "That's my science fiction story.  Think it's too far-fetched?"  Hobbes replies "Not enough, really."


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