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The Environmental Cost of One Car

Extracting raw materials:

26.5 tonnes of waste
922 million cubic metres of polluted air


Transporting raw materials:

12 litres of crude in the ocean for each car
425 million cubic metres of polluted air


Producing the car:

1.5 tonnes of waste
75 million cubic metres of polluted air


Driving the car:

18.4 kilos of abrasive waste
1,000 cubic metres of polluted air [this is probably a typo. I'm looking into it.]


Disposing of the car:

102 million cubic metres of polluted air

Assumes a medium sized car with three-way catalytic converter, driven 130,000km over 10 years averaging 10 L/100km of unleaded fuel.

This is based on a graphic in an article in the 3 August 1993 edition of the San Mateo Herald(?) which reprinted an article by John Whitelegg that appeared in The Guardian. They wrote the article about research done by the Environment and Forecasting Institute in Heidleberg, Germany.


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