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Roadway Facts

Trucks cause enormous damage to the nation's roadway infrastructure (about $50 billion a year) but pay only $20 billion in user fees.

--Brian Ketcham, Letter to Senators, May 15, 1991

Roadway damage from a single truck is typically 10,000 times greater than that from a passenger car.

--Andrew Hamilton and Margrethe Winslow, "Dim Vision," Habitat Journal of the Maine Audubon Society.

Divided highways consume about 41 acres of land per mile. In 1964 there were 25,000 miles of divided highways. By 1977 that number had doubled. Since 1977 another 50,000 miles of divided highways have been added. Airports occupied 1.76 million acres of rural land in 1968 and over 2 and a half million acres today.

--Balance Data, July 1986. Population-Environment Balance, 1325 G St NW #1003, Washington DC 20005.


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