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Dealing with Rude Cyclists

Well, I get down on obnoxious cyclists. I've yelled at them, pushed them and even spoke to them. If I'm walking across a street on a green and a cyclist comes close enough to me that I can touch them, I give them a big shove. While crossing and I see them being rude to others I yell at them. If I'm cycling along with them, I say "Don't you hate it when cars cut you off?" "Yeah!" they reply. "Well, then why did you cut off that pedestrian back there?"

Do note, I don't care if cyclists or pedestrians run red lights, jaywalk, ride on the sidewalk or go against the flow of traffic... as long as they yield the right of way to those doing the right thing. Yielding includes giving adequate passing distance for your speed and even stopping when need be.

This was written by Daniel Convissor as a posting to the ebikes@panix.com mailing list on 16 December 1994

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