Stay Free!

On Saturday, December 15, new signs were posted throughout
Park Slope, Brooklyn. All sport utility vehicles within the area, then,
were served with the parking ticket shown below

Press Release
Background information on our prank

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Download the ticket
Requires Acrobat Reader (available here free)

Note: Stay Free! is solely responsible for this prank.
Although we endorse all of the groups below, they don't necessarily
endorse us. (Then again, they don't necessarily not endorse us, either!)

Friends of the Earth
One of the best SUV sites.

Bad Sports. Or: how we learned to stop worrying and love the SUV
Article from Harper's Magazine, April 2001
How much does your vehicle pollute? Calculate its emissions.

Sierra Club site on global warming

Bay Area Action
San Francisco-based group that created a similar
SUV ticket. (We modeled ours after theirs.)

Transportation Alternatives
NYC nonprofit working for bicycling, walking,
public transit, and fewer cars.
Pledge to buy a green car next time and show Detroit
there is a market for earth-friendly cars.

The best alternative to driving alone is carpooling. Contact
Communterlink at 718.886.1343 for ride-sharing assistance.

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