Academy of Saint Gabriel Members' Guide

What's Where

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Where is stuff? Addresses and URLs

Important e-mail addresses.

Here is a list of important or useful web sites:

About the Mailing Lists

The Academy has two mailing lists, one for incoming mail from prospective clients to be reviewed for preliminary research, and the second for discussions of current clients, other research, members' questions to each other, administrivia, bad jokes, and the like. The mailing list for discussion of incoming mail is, and the list for the discussion of current clients and other matters is The lists are managed by Blaise de Cormeilles, You can configure your subscription to either mailing list to send a daily digest rather than individual messages. To subscribe to the mailing lists and configure your subscription, you can use an e-mail interface or a web interface.

To use the mail interface for the main mailing list, send a message to with one of the following commands:

To manage your subscription to the incoming mailing list, send similar messages to

To use the web interface, go to and enter the e-mail address that you think is subscribed. The system will send a note to that address with an authentication code to access the subscription system.

However you subscribe, you will get a confirmation notice back, to which you will have to reply. Blaise will confirm your subscription shortly thereafter, and you will start getting mail from the list. If you are a new member, then once you start receiving mail from the main list, please send a short note introducing yourself to the Academy. Tell us your name (medieval & modern, if you have both), where you live, and your background in names and heraldry. If you have a question pending before the Academy when you subscribe, please mention that.

The old mailing lists,,, and, have been shut down. These addresses are now just aliases for the active list, and may not work as smoothly as the active address.

Size Limit on Mail

Our mailing list limits the size of messages at 40K. We have only once had a letter longer than that. If you think you have or will run afoul of the limit, contact Blaise for help.

Accessing Password-Protected Sections of our Websites

Some parts of our public and internal websites are password-protected: our discussion archives and the scripts we use to operate the Academy. (Our report archives are available to the public.) All Academy members may access the discussion archives, but you'll need a password to do it. Aryanhwy handles password assignment. Send her your Society name, modern name, and the password you want to use. The password should be at least six characters and unrelated to your Society or mundane name or any e-mail address you use.

When you try to access a protected page, your browser will pop up a window prompting you for a username and password. In most cases, your username will be your Society first name, capitalized. (If that's already taken, Arval or Aryanhwy will let you know and let you choose another username.) Both usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Typically, you will need to log in to the site each time you re-start your browser.

Maintained by Aryanhwy; last updated 17 May 2011.