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Some years ago, Immanuel O'Levy posted his own translation of the first book of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, the Code of Jewish Law: the Book of Knowledge. It is a fundamental work of Jewish philosophy by one of the greatest thinkers in Jewish history. I have not seen this posted elsewhere, but his disclaimer permits it to be reposted. Here it is:

Sefer ham-Madda`

The following is Immanuel O'Levy's copyright and rights message:

This translatin is copyright (c) Immanuel M. O'Lvey, 1993. This translation may be distributed in any form (on disk, printed, etc.) provided that it is done so on a non-profit basis and that this copyright and conditions message is left attached. The text used for this translation was the Rambam Le'Am, published by Mossad Ha'Rav Kook, Jerusalem. Words in the text that are in square brackets do not appear in the Rambam's writings. British spelling has been used, and Sephardit pronunciation has been used for words and phrases that have been transliterated. Comments are welcome by email -

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