Jonathan's Little Corner : Torah : Maimonides : Yigdal

The hymn Yigdal
paraphrased from the Rambam (Maimonides)
translated by Jonathan Baker

May the Living God be magified and praised Who exists, and whose existence is not limited by time
One, and there is no unity like His Unity Concealed, nor is there an end to His Unity.
He has no form of a body, nor is He a body It is not arranged around His holiness.
Preceding every created thing, First, and there is nothing prior to His Priority
As Master of the Universe to every formed being He teaches His Greatness and Sovereignty
The flow of His prophecy is His gift To men of His special, glorious nation.
There has not risen another in Israel like Moses A prophet and one who tells clearly his visions
A Torah of truth did the Almighty give to His nation By the hand of His prophet [Moses], faithful to His house.
God  will not exchange nor retract His religion forever.  Not even He.
He observes and knows our secrets forecasting consequences from their antecedents.
He grants Man lovingkindness according to his deeds Gives evil to the wicked as they engage in wickedness
He will send at the end of days our Anointed King To redeem those who await the time of our salvation
God will resurrect the dead in His great lovingkindness Blessed forever is the praise of His Name