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Everyone should have a Web presence, no? No! Not unless you have something to say. Well, people tell me what I say is often worthwhile, so it's time to set up my own page.

Mostly it consists of divrei Torah, little talks about Torah, and other Torah thoughts, but I've also archived Immanuel O'Levy's translation of Maimonides' Book of Knowledge, the first part of his Mishneh Torah, the old Code of Jewish Law, along with some other Maimonidean resources. Here's a little bit about me and my wife Debra, and here's an explanation of my usual emoticon.  These are some links to Torah sites which I like. Several of the divrei Torah which we composed in 1999-2000 were dedicated to the memory of Debra's father, Arthur Eli Korpus.

Although it may seem a bit superfluous, here's a site map.

Debra has her own webpage, with her own thoughts on Jewish subjects. Our synagogue, Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush, Brooklyn, where I often lead services, is on-line, as is our old synagogue, Congregation B'nai Jacob of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

We have long been involved in science fiction fandom; see here for what we do and like in Fandom.

I am employed by Information Builders, makers of FOCUS, WebFOCUS, and EDA, among other products, in their Business Intelligence Products Group.

Read my blog, ThanBook on Jewish and other topics.

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