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10 Apr 2002

My new Fanac page

25 Feb 2001
Having been sent a link to the Rambam's original 13 Principles, I translated Yigdal and Ani Maamin, so that all three major formulations of these principles should be available in one place.

10 Feb 2001
I attended the Cantors Council of America mid-winter conference in Teaneck, where I heard a truly inspiring talk on the piutim of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in the thought of the Rav (J.B. Soloveitchik).

22 Oct 2000
The Birnbaum machzor has a poor translation of the shorter confession, so I translated the Chayei Adam's commentary on it as a supplement.
Simchat Torah marked the first yahrzeit for my father-in-law, so I made a siyum on Seder Moed in the mishnah in his honor.

20 Sept 2000
We had an unveiling for my father-in-law, at which I gave a dvar Torah about transitions.  I was asked to initiate the weekly parsha discussion for Nitzavim/Vayeilech on the Traditional Judaism list UTJ-L.

15 August 2000
While our rabbi is away in the summer, this fool rushes in to give divrei Torah; I gave one at a Shalom Zachar on Parshat Va'etchnan this year, as well as the talk on Pirkei Avot at Seudah Shlishit that week.

Dec 2002

Mendelssohn and the Biur, from a talk by Rabbi Adam Mintz at Lincoln Square Synagogue.