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Review of Madamoiselle Off Fifth

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16 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016

Total time with agency:
About 13 months

Wait for first assignment:
7 Months

Average wait between assignments:

Last five jobs:
Job Title Length Client Hourly Wage Typical of agency?
Receptionist 1 Days 10 Y
Data_Entry 5 Weeks 12 Y

Tests given:
Qwiz for MS Word and MS Excel and Typing Speed

Payroll policies:
On-site time sheet pickup:
Direct deposit of payroll checks:
Free check cashing at agency's bank:

Medical insurance: Y
Dental insurance: Y
Paid vacation: Y
Transportation allowance:
Entertainment allowance:
Matching contributions:

I was really interested in working for Madamoiselle because they have quite a range of jobs. I Registered 3/93, though my counselor was more interested in whether I would be able to dress as professionally as I did for the interview than she was with my test scores & experience. I think the mistake I made was to wear braids (short & professionally styled)to my interview. My test scores were above average & I knew my reference would be good.

I called for 3 wks, response was always the same, soon as I get something I'll call you. She never called. My job searches on the internet constantly showed Madamoiselle in need of temporaries, but no calls from my counselor & so I decided to go back again. To her good graces and my being a nuisance to her, she decided to send me on 2 jobs in 6 wks; she said my evaluation on the job was good, but then heard nothing again.

Called several times only to find out she had left and I was no longer registered in the computer and had to be interviewed again. This new counselor said my scores were excellent and that I would be hearing from her soon (no braids this time). It's been about a month and I've yet to hear from her and the ads keep coming up on the Internet. I heard on other assignments through different agencies of other minorities being treated the same way. Mere coincidence? I'm a damn good employee and a hard worker; loyal to the bone and take nothing for granted; but having to deal with people like these sometimes gave incentive not care much about doing your best, but to just do enough to not get fired. If only a certain clique are sent on assignments, I wish Madamoiselle would have the courage to say so.



Sun May 2 16:39:53 GMT 1999

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