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1507 Fifth Avenue Suite 1106
, NY

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I was so outraged at my first meeting in this dump of an "office" that I wrote the following letter:

Dear Broadway Personnel:

I was "interviewed" in your office today, and I must say that in all the years of my experience in most every type of office in Manhattan, I've never seen such a dearth of professionalism and downright rudeness.

I left your office incredulous that a Fifth Avenue employment agency, ostensibly in business to staff corporate offices, could be so lacking in decorum, manners, professionalism, and simple common courtesy.

I was "interviewed" by Sarah, who very brashly interrogated me about every phone number and every contact of every office that I've ever worked in. Just how many offices do you need to "check up" on? And why are these questions even being asked before you've discussed anything about the job? This interview style is horrendous.

When I paused to think for a phone number for a moment, (who wouldn't have to?) a very obnoxious man in the corner blurted out: "If you worked somewhere for ten months, you should know the phone number." Minutes later this same "professional" barked again, this time about not wanting to pay me what I deserve and asked for. "If you were only getting 15 dollars at Sony, I'm not paying you 25." Who is this person? Is he part of the interview? Since when is heckling in the background considered professional?

I'd like to add that when the elevator doors first opened onto your floor (even before the doors had fully opened) I had an impulse to turn right around; the grime and stains and food and, whatever, on the walls signaled to me that this was no corporate environment that I'm used to, but I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt. Upon entering your "office", I noticed more filth, on the walls and on the carpet. Everyone was dressed for a day at the zoo also. And *I* have to wear a suit to this interview?

These factors might seem like trifles, but they truly spoke volumes to me about the caliber of your operation--even before I was subjected to the most horrendously unprofessional and obnoxious interview I've ever been on.

I am truly thankful that I decided to take my resume and run.

You people deserve to wallow in your filth!


--Jim ______

Jim Todd


Fri Jun 16 15:21:26 GMT 2000

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