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675 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017


Total time with agency:
6 months

Wait for first assignment:
1 Days

Average wait between assignments:

Last five jobs:
Job Title Length Client Hourly Wage Typical of agency?
w-Trade Technologies 18 Y

Tests given:
Standard MS Office and Typing

Payroll policies:
On-site time sheet pickup:
Direct deposit of payroll checks: Y
Free check cashing at agency's bank:

Medical insurance:
Dental insurance:
Paid vacation:
Transportation allowance:
Entertainment allowance:
Matching contributions:

Standard bait and switch operation. Even though they all ask you what would you like to do, IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! They will just place you where they are getting the best commissions. I have 13 years experience in Administrative support.

I requested financial services because I have 4 years in the field and am completing my BBA in Investments. They sent me to a place that creates the programs for wireless trading ?!?!

The agent said she would call me later that day, with a job as an Executive Assistant to the President, $19/hour, 9:30 to 5:30, for 7 - 10 days replacing someone who was out.

At 4:45 I had to call her seeing as it was near the end of the day. She told me I would be working with someone else, the hours were now 10 to 6 and the pay was not $19 but $18 per hour. Should I have said no? I figured I had already informed her I would take it and since it was so late, the "right" thing to do was to go ahead with the job.

Here is what the job actually turned out to be: I was the Executive Assistant's Assistant. Now this girl had been on the job only 3 weeks and had no experience being an Executive Assistant. Wanted me to arrange the files in the most assinine manner (All the tabs behind one another!! Well duh that defeats the purpose of having 1/4 and 1/8 tabbed files if they are all behind one another because you CANT SEE THEM!!) Then the icing on the cake was finding out the person I was supposed to be filling in for NEVER EXISTED!! The client contracted for one week with possible extension, so in essence, after the first week, the client would have called Execu-Search and informed them they wanted to extend and Execu-Search would have just gone along like nothing had happened since they had already informed me it was for 2 weeks.

The morning of the 5th day, I confronted my agent Noemi Gerstl with this and she claimed she only relayed what she was informed and if it was incorrect it was not her fault. They said the professional thing to do would be to complete the assignment. I informed them that would not be possible seeing as I had been lied to. I told them since, the hours changed, the pay rate changed, and since the position and terms of assignment were directly or indirectly misrepresented then under "At Will Employment" I terminated the assignment immediately. They kind of got screwed because this was at 10 when I should have been at the assignment.

Because of this incident I now make all my agencies sign a Statement of Understanding which just indicates in writing, I have informed them what industry I am looking to be placed in, what pay rate I will accept, and if an assignment is misrepresented to me (if they lie to me) directly or indirectly I will terminate the assignment immediately. So they can't come back to me and say "Oh but you said you would work the entire assignment."

If you would like a copy of the contract I use e-mail me.



Fri Jan 19 17:30:22 GMT 2001

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