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331 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 697-4000

(212) 661-3590

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This agency was UNBELIEVABLE! After working for a major entertainment company for the past 8 years, I resigned and chose to temp while sorting out my career crisis. I still cannot get over how completely unprofessional CTI treated me.

Beginning with the receptionist, whose behavior was beyond rude, I should've known what was in store for me. Despite standing directly in front of her, she not only refused to acknowledge me when I arrived, but also after I completed my ridiculously lengthy registration. I had the pleasure of listening to her make a personal phone call that lasted for several minutes before she even made eye contact with me. (Not to mention how inappropriately dressed she was.) I proceeded to wait in their "holding pen" for quite some time before the personality-free receptionist set me up for their standard testing. This was followed by more waiting until I was greeted by a woman who instead of introducing herself, unempathetically said "Have you been waiting long." as if by rote. Another bad omen. We sat down in a mini-sea of cubicals where I had to explain to her what my former company was - not to sound elitist, but this is one of the largest and oldest entertainment companies in the world, its name is very, very familiar. After briefing her blank face on that, I then had to do the same in regard to my former position while translating my skills to ones CTI could market. Once more, it was clear she had no idea what I was talking about. We then moved on to her reviewing and explaing my test scores which was obviously a script she has been repeating for far too long. I saw her eyes glaze over as she went through her routine, failing to personalize anything or relate to me at all. I interrupted her with a question, and it was like I woke her up, I threw her completely off track. At this point I was convinced I would be suspicious of any offer CTI had to offer me so I helped her wrap up everything as quickly as possible. I stood to leave, when behind me someone asked her with a little giggle if "she was going to introduce me to everyone else?" I was then introduced to her "department manager" and a couple other women nearby. They all smiled, giggled, and batted their eyes. I can appreciate a little harmless flirting as much as the next guy, especially when I'm looking for a job, but this "manager" and these women were behaving like twelve year old girls. I was embarrassed for them, and believe I responded by rolling my eyes and shaking my head as I exited.

I think I made CTI well aware of my opinion of them as I haven't heard anything since we met. Please learn from my mistake, and don't surrender three hours of your time to this poorly run and inadequately staffed agency.



Wed Mar 21 05:30:13 GMT 2001

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