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, NY

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When I worked in HR at Morgan Stanley, we used Core often. They were always helpful, attentive, friendly and sent us good applicants. When I got laid off a few months ago, I decided to go to Core (even though I was already registered with another agency).

I ended up waiting one hour just to take the tests. The receptionist neglected to ask me/mark down if I was perm or temp, so after waiting another hour to see someone - it wasn't even the correct person!

Finally they told me they would have the correct counselor meet with me, so I continued to wait another 45 minutes.

Then a girl walks into the office. Within 5 minutes she is seen by a counselor. I ask why she was seen so quickly. They told me, "Well, she had an appointment." I said, "So did I. THREE HOURS AGO!!!" I left, and never went back.

They were so unprofessional! I spent 3 hours listening to the receptionist whine and complain to me about her personal life, what a headache she had, huffing and puffing everytime the phone rang - she was so annoying. It was complete chaos in the office - nothing seemed organized in the least. The counselors in the back were laughing and whooping it up having a grand time - while I sat waiting for 3 hours.

Basically, Core didn't even bother to inquire if I was perm or temp, they apparently couldn't meet with me after 3 hours of waiting, they were completely unprofessional -- and they were supposed to find ME a job?!?!?



Tue Nov 27 20:42:04 GMT 2001

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