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Review of Walsh Assoc.

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11 Hanover Sq
New York, NY

Total time with agency:
1.5 years

Wait for first assignment:
2 Weeks

Average wait between assignments:

Last five jobs:
Job Title Length Client Hourly Wage Typical of agency?
Data_Entry 1 Years Citibank 16

Tests given:
word, execl, powerpoint

Payroll policies:
On-site time sheet pickup:
Direct deposit of payroll checks:
Free check cashing at agency's bank:

Medical insurance: Y
Dental insurance: Y
Paid vacation: Y
Transportation allowance:
Entertainment allowance:
Matching contributions:

i was with them for a year in a half at first everything was wonderful, my counselor was and is great, but the owner of the agency is [...]

after talking to other people at the place of work i realize that they wher making more money than me hourly, some of them this being there first job, so i did bring it up to my counselor he let me know that the director had to sign of on it because that was the deal they did with citi, he also let me know that the agreement did state that after 6 months they would give me a raise. as i spoke to other temps. they started to let me know the deal, some wher ther for 2 yreas and still did not get a raise another told me that the director only signs off on it after a year. i also found out that that where paying me as if i was a admin assist. which i was not. [...]

within 3 months i was doing my job the managers job and the job of the other guy that worked with me. the manager that hired me made it seem as if i was going to become per. within months as long as i worked out. come to find out that there were temps there for 7 years. the staff (managers are very racist) if you are from the middleeast or the carbbiean you have it made they will hire you in an instant. i also found out that the function that i was working in was soon to move but no one told me the one that let me know was the lady that was leaving the position to go to another job my agency nor the managers let me know that.

after a year and carring the unit my self i complain to my agency they told me tell the manager so i did than i was told by the manager that herself and the director called hr and hr told them that they had nothing to do with it. so i called hr about that. i had asked to seapk to the director but she would not see me that was on till hr called her still no one did anything. i had words with the owner of walsh, and the manager i also wrote a memo to the heads in regurads to race discrimation i was told that it did not happen, and it does not happen there. but they have been numbers of complaints about it over the passed 10 years there with the same people reported to hr.

i never got my raise. they could not fire me because i made a complaint which gave me the right to take them to court. the owner of walsh told me that i did a stupid thing for putting that down in writing and sending it to the higher ups.

for sept. 11th they did not want to pay us for that day nor for the next day that they told us not to come in. i complain to both agency and director and told them that i will contact the dol on them for this action. i had spoken to other temps from other units on my floor they let me know that they did not have to ask if they were going to be paid it wasn't a question for them they just did.

the director try to run some law shit to me not realizing that i am studing law so i know my stuff so i let her talk. i saw her my contact person in the dol and she changed her story to we are going to pay the temps for it. the owner of the agency did not know that the funtion was moving until i let her know as it turned out i let her know whlie in a meeting with hr. i also spoke about the contract that stated the raise after 6 months to her and hr and still nothing came out of it. which they sign. the people ther have no back bones in citi, if the manager tells you not to speak some one they do it because they put your job on the line and they will let you go as soon as they let the other person go in the year in half that i was ther i saw 25 people leave and we are taking about a unit that has 83 people on staff, they have to many managers.

the vacation time you get from walsh is 3 only days that's if you could call that a vacation at all and it's after a year that you have worked for them. the medical and dental coverage are great but you pay them out of your check after taxes, and it's $50.00 a week for a single person, and when they change coverage you don't know until it's set in stone. if you don't ask what benefits you get you'll never know. it has been 2 months and i am still waiting for another assigment.



Thu Jan 24 01:37:05 GMT 2002

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