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250 Fifth avenue, suite 1101, New York, NY, 10118
, NY


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This is my bitter experience working with Broadway Personnel, I think the agency like this one has no rigte to exist. The people are rood and far from common courtesy and proffesionalism. I was in the "office" on December 31, 2001 and person who "met" me was Elliott Josephs - what a pathetic inerviewer, he put me on the phone with perspective client and started
to guide me what I am suppose to tell him in a very rood manner, making humiliating comments about my prononciation and acent. This is a very long story to tell - but at the end he set up interview, gave address(which was incorrect) and said "Do not be late". At the day of interview I left home early and just for my convinience I checked out messages and what I heard was "Call me in one hour, if you are not calling me, I'll cancelled your interview" When I called him back it was past hour, but he did not tell anything about cancellation of my interview and tell me to go 15 min later. When I came to the address he gave me, there was no such company in the place, so I called him again telling "I am sorry, but there is no such building and no such company at this place". He said "I did not tell you this address - I told you such and such address"(which was not true, I wrote down address and I am very good in memorizing every words people said).
After this I was intended to not to go for this interview, but I decided - let's see what else this guy able to do for me, so I find rigt place, but nobody was expecting me, because Mr. Elliott Josephs cancelled my interview without telling me about this. I called him again and he barked "Go home, I'll call you later". This was a very humiliating experience - after surviving September 11(I worked in the area which now is known as Ground Zero) I fell hurted by riduness and unprofessional behavior of recruiter like this one I just described.



Sat Mar 23 05:02:05 GMT 2002

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