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Review of Olsten, Midtown

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500 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 910
New York, NY 10110


Total time with agency:
four months

Wait for first assignment:
2 Hours

Average wait between assignments:

Last five jobs:
Job Title Length Client Hourly Wage Typical of agency?
Clerical 5 Months Ogilvy & Mather 16 Y

Tests given:
Typing, Excel, Word for Windows and Macintosh

Payroll policies:
On-site time sheet pickup:
Direct deposit of payroll checks:
Free check cashing at agency's bank:

Medical insurance:
Dental insurance:
Paid vacation:
Transportation allowance:
Entertainment allowance:
Matching contributions:

This was the first temp agency I ever applied at, and I was suprised to get an assignment while I was finishing the typing test. Apparently, they had just got Ogilvy as a client, and were very eager to fill the position quickly. Most of their clients are with financial firms like Smith Barney or Travelers Group, so my counselor was pretty up-front about the fact that they really didn't have a lot of opening that were related to advertising or graphics (which is my background). I was disappointed that they initially only gave me $12/hour, considering that I have a lot of computer skills and type pretty fast. I have friends and co-workers who work with Olsten, and got $16-20/hour, so they advised me to ask for more $. To be frank, my counselors were not very forthright about my request for more pay, and were annoyingly evasive for weeks, despite getting glowing reviews from my employer. I only got a raise to $16 after getting my supervisor to make a call to them. I accepted a permanent position with Ogilvy after a month and a half of temping for them, but I have to admit that the work is not very challenging. (mostly making copies, working on powerpoint stuff). The take home pay is about 40% less than temping, but with benefits, so I'm considering going back to temp life. Although it was touted as being "promotable", I see the climbing the corporate ladder in this company being a long and laborious process, one that I'm not eager to spend years doing, just to make a few $K more a year.



Thu Aug 13 20:03:03 GMT 1998

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