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Before I made a work change outside of temping and word processing, I too struggled as a temp. I worked as at temp in NYC & Los Angeles & once more in NYC before I relocated again to Los Angeles.

In 2001 I was back in New York for 1 year to finish my collge degree. I registered at Wall Street Services around the 2nd week of August 2001 and did well on the testing. I was placed into their training. The trainer was one of their temps and very unprofesional in his mannerism, role play and dress code.

I made the effort in both the training class assignments and the home assignments. My usual demeanor in any class/ learning atmosphere has always been attentive, prepared, and serious. I think my seriousness my scare some people. As an inquisitive type, I ask a question the moment I am need clarifiction. If anything, I OVER participate in a class environment.

I was NOT taken by that "trainers" condescending attitude. I sensed he had issues with his own knowledge, self confidence and above all opinion of others. A true trainer or teachers goal is to make you UNDERSTAND/DIGEST/ materials NOT belittle or talk to you as a child "If you were on an assignment right now and did this youd be fired."

In general the problem with the word processing field is that there is no set structure on advanced word processing in text books. If I can handle a rigorous theory classes in college that would put most people to sleep, most certainly I could do well in a STRUCTURED WP class that a person with no educational background . The trick is effort. Whats so hard about that?

However, I do find that temp agency's didnt understand that even the advanced / unique features vary from institution to institituion. The most experienced word processing operator accustomed to a certain institution's way of working may not understand some of the features used.

Anyways, on September 11th, I was suppose to be at 11 broadway at 11am for the training class. Needless to say, the class was cancelled and I couldnt get into Manhattan. Fortunately I was running 10 minutes late.

I have temped in both markets and have put up with a lot of negativity.

In Los Angeles the market is the worst. There are no advanced wp centers only admin/sec paying $13/hour. Needless to say, I burned out during the years of 1996-1998.

In reading some of the posts on here regarding temp agencies having notification of an assigment ending early, I too have seen the agency call at 5pm or after you leave. This is purposely done to avoid having the temp leave an unpleasant comment with the company in question. We all know that it is extremely unfair that a temp working with many agencies could have accepted another assignment if given the proper notification.

In almost 7 years experience I am glad that not to temp, word process any more etc. While I was training at Wall Street Services, I was also in the finishing stages of buidling my own dot com business. I got the business up by the last week of September 2001 with merchant accounts activated etc.. Graduated from school in December and hopped on the airplane Jan 2002 to Los Angeles. Today I am the owner/ceo of an established business.

I think that my positive and negative experiences have helped me develop the drive to keep pushing for something else. If anything, I acquired many advanced skills that I applied when first launching my business.

Just My 2 cents



Wed Oct 27 04:37:18 EST 2004

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