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, NY

Total time with agency:
3 months

Wait for first assignment:
2 Weeks

Average wait between assignments:

Last five jobs:
Job Title Length Client Hourly Wage Typical of agency?
Receptionist 1 Months Convention and Visitors Assoc. 11.
Receptionist 1 Days 11 Y
Receptionist 1 Days Brett Chiropractic 11 Y

Tests given:
Word, Excel

Payroll policies:
On-site time sheet pickup:
Direct deposit of payroll checks: Y
Free check cashing at agency's bank:

Medical insurance:
Dental insurance:
Paid vacation:
Transportation allowance:
Entertainment allowance:
Matching contributions:

Very nice, pleasant people (all two of them in the office--perhaps that should have been my first clue); HOWEVER, they very rarely have any jobs, and twice I was not paid on time due to no fault of my own. It took forever to get my first job, which was only half a day, then it took another two weeks to get my second job, which was one whole day. When I finally got a sweet job that lasted a month, 9-5 doing actual work at a great business, Advantage stopped paying me on time. You fax your time sheets to an "800" number, and I had no problem getting paid the first two jobs I did this for. Then I got a call at work the Wednesday after timesheets were due that said they hadn't received my timesheet, and asked if I had forgotten to fax it. Of course I hadn't--when you work as a temp you are doing so because you need money to live, and you would never just *forget* to fax your timesheet. So I faxed it again as asked, but I wasn't paid on Friday as promised, and when I called the office again they said, "Right. So did you fax your timesheet again like we asked?" So now I'm really frustrated. My fax machine is giving me confirmation that it's going through; it's not like it's getting a busy signal and cancelling or anything like that. Because I'd worked for other agencies in New York, I knew that they often have a number to call after you fax your timesheet to make sure they're getting it, so I asked Advantage if they had a number like that. My agent said, "Oh, yeah. I just learned about this." So I called the number to see what was going on, and the woman I spoke with did not give me any faith that these were competent people taking care of my paycheck. She seemed to think something was wrong with my fax machine, so she gave me a different, long-distance number to dial. I went and found a different fax machine in the office and sent my time sheet to this new number, and then called the woman back. First she told me they hadn't gotten it, but when I told her that I'd sent it from a different fax machine too in addition to trying the new number, she said, "Well, just a second," and when she came back she said they actually had received it, someone just picked it up and put it in the back room. I don't know who's running this operation or what's going on there in that back room, but it sounds pretty unprofessional to me. Anyway, by this time I'd decided I would be leaving Advantage at the end of my current assignment, but of course before I could do that and finally move on, they have to go and not pay me again. After the first screw-up my next two paychecks were deposited on time without incident, but my very last paycheck just didn't show up, and this time no one from the office even called me to warn me that they didn't get my timesheet. When I called my local office, they had new people working there so I didn't even know who I was talking to, and then, because my assignment was over (so obviously I needed my paycheck even more), I had to go to Kinkos and spend my own money to fax them my timesheet AGAIN.
Like I said, nice, friendly people-- just don't expect to do much working or get paid on time for the work that you do get.

H. Bernhardt


Mon Jun 13 14:21:47 EST 2005

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