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I checked out the AppleOne website and scheduled an "instant interview" which sounded like you would talk to someone online right away. But instead they make you fill out an online questionnaire that is basically a copy of your resume and you set yourself an appointment at a local branch. The next day I got a call from a girl and she asked me if I could e-mail her my resume (again? I just filled out the questionnaire!) and if I could reschedule my appointment for the next week. I was stunned because I found it to be quite unprofessional but I agreed to postpone it. When I went to the "interview" I arrived 20 mins early (that's what they tell you you should do) and then they made me wait approx. 40 minutes until the front desk lady asked for my id and resume (again?). She told me that one of the "career counselors" is going to talk to me in a minute. From where I sat I could see all of the six girls working there and none of them were busy (not typing, not on the phone, not talking to anyone). Yet they made me wait another 20 mins. Then they made me watch a video that was at least 15-20 years old telling me all the legal crap like a) don't lift anything b) use the hand rail to walk up a stairway c) dress up accordingly and d) don't discuss your salary with anyone. Then they made me wait another 20 mins. The girl I ended up talking to was someone else then the one who called me a couple of days before and I thought I had the appointment with. She started asking me some general questions which was more small talk than a real attempt to get to know me and what I want. I tried to tell her what I was looking for but she just repeated her small talk questions. Very bad communication. She then made me take a test to see how fast I'm typing and if I know how to file. I have a college degree and felt like they were kidding me. I got an "excellent" grade on that test and for some reason I felt like that is the only grade to give to anyone. The girl gave me her business card and asked me if I could e-mail her my resume (again???). She said she would e-mail me a ton of leads every day and that I should check me e-mail periodically. I have not heard from here since. I kinda expected receiving some sort of "Thank you for choosing AppleOne e-mail" from her and maybe a lead a day but I have not heard anything from anyone. The whole thing was a huge waste of time.



Wed Jul 13 16:53:20 EST 2005

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