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590 5th Avenue
New York, NY

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This was my first time temping. So I decided to go to Career Blazers because they had a training school. I thought if I went to their training school it woud give me an edge on getting a job with them. I made it clear my intentions were to get an office job and I have a strong background in graphics but knew nothing about computers.

Carla, the Admission Representative, gave me a very hard sell, telling me (1) there was only one seat left in the class I better register right away and (2) she confined in me she had just gotten a call from her supervisor that in a "day or so" the price of tuition was going to go up. They told me they knew exactly what I needed to learn in order to get an office job. I spent $1200. $600 went to 60 hours of learning Word and Excel. The other $600 went to 60 hours of learning DOS. Which I now realize is pretty useless. (why wasn't I taught powerpoint instead of DOS?.)

After completing their "school", I went to their agency. It was extremely crowded. I was willing to sit stand by but was told that list was reserved for a special few. Even when I told them I went to their school, it had no influence. Well, in a few days my phone rang at 9PM. I was very excited. They said they had a "very interesting" job for me. They needed 150 people. Would I be interested in passing out flyers on the street. And guess what folks? I get to wear a costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The god dam nerve and humilation. Yes, people, I do have a sense of humor, but I am also 34 years old, college degree, had a successful career for 12 years and I present myself in a very professional manner. I would be matched up with another person who would pass out credit card literature and I would wear a "period" costume to attract attention. They assured me, I would be dropped off in a safe neighborhood. They told me the job appealed to actors/actresses. There is NOTHING on my resume that has remotely to do with acting. Needless to say, I did not accept the job nor do I want anything to do with Career Blazers.



Tue Sep 30 00:06:20 EST 1997

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