Web-based Art and Experimental Film/Video Websites

Web-based Art

What Is Missing—Maya Lin's collaborative project documenting recent species extinction.
Google Gravity—just for fun.
Alan Sondheim—sound and image works. Try telegraph.mp3 if you don't know where to start.
You're The Man Now, Dog—what can be done with tiled animations and looped sounds....
The Devil’s Dictionary—a totally fun website by Mike Leung.
Au Bord Du Fleuve/On The Riverside—by Joseph Lefèvre and Martine Koutnouyan; a meditative flash site.
Automated Beacon—by Thomson & Craighead. Google searches in real time. Lots of spelling mistakes and mostly about sex.
Blue Ball Machine (Classic Gif Returned)—animated gif fun.
DATA DIARIEZZZZZZ—by Cory Arcangel; making quicktime movies out of data.
today.getDate()—Diane Bertolo’s web project exploring the minutiae of daily life.
Fenlandia—images recorded at the rate of one pixel a second.
Heavy Industries—a collection of flash projects featuring text and music from Young-hae Chang.
Learning To Love You More—a project put together by Harrell Fletcher, Miranda July and Yuri Ono. Fun.
Oulipoems—six works inspired by the Oulipo movement, a French literary movement which combines writing and mathematics.
Perte.de.Temps—a meditative flash site based on Charles Baudelaire’s l’Horloge.
Room 535—some early projects.

Experimental Filmmaker and Video Artist Websites

Alan Berliner—obsessive experimental documentary films.
Henry Hills—experimental films with rhythm.
Joost Rekveld—light-art of an experimental filmmaker, with texts by others.
Kathy High—media artist specializing in scientific /imaginative experiments.
Kurt Kren—experimental filmmaker who edited material according to serial rules.
Marcello Mercado—video artist who takes history very personally.
Martha Colburn—self-taught filmmaker; makes animated films.
Matt McCormick—maker of experimental documentary films / founder of Peripheral Produce.
Miranda July—film and performance artist.
Michael Brynntrup—experimental filmmaker with a great bio.
Phillip Barker—experimental filmmaker.
Raymond Harmon—experimental films and non object-oriented art.
Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe—dogma-resistant experimental films & videos.
Shelly Silver— single channel video artist.

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Experimental Film & Video Resources:

A DVD GUIDE FOR LOVERS OF EXPERIMENTAL FILM AND VIDEO—where to find experimental film and video on DVD.
Anthology Film Archives—public movie theater, film museum, archive, research library, and art gallery (New York).
Experimental Television Center—including the video history project.
Filmmakers’ Cooperative—filmmaker-created cooperative formed in 1962 and still going strong; a supportive place for experimental/avant-garde filmmakers. Information about its history, links to essays on film and more.
Flicker Experimental Film and Video—website for links to websites of experimental filmmakers, venues and festivals that show experimental film, and resources for filmmakers.
Senses of Cinema— an online film journal devoted to serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.
Strictly Film School—dedicated to the analysis of landmark world cinema from an academic perspective; includes short essays, critiques and program notes.
Super8Porter—an experimental filmmaker's events calendar—mostly in Canada.
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