KEEP MOVING - structural film.
Adriana Keathley in AFTER THE PAINT HAS DRIED - experimental film.
Carole Bugge in VENEO VIDEO VICEO - feature-length experimental video.
Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe in LA BLANCHISSEUSE - video art/videopoem.
Mary Foskett as Annie Edson Taylor in QUEEN OF THE MIST - experimental documentary video art by rhm.

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe is an artist whose film and video work explores the pleasures of narrative uncertainty.

Dogma-resistant, her work asks us to look again at things we might have thought we knew already—inviting the viewer to stay with and even enjoy the experience of incompleteness and imperfection. Neither the frame nor any story are privileged as providers of closure. Their function, rather, is to unwind presumptions and open up spaces for alternate and unfixed points of view.

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Deborah Auer in EVERYONE MUST TIGHTEN THEIR BELTS - video art.
IF SPRING, THEN HOPE, AND ALSO WINTER - experimental video art.
Young child in HOW STRONG THE CHILDREN - experimental documentary video examining an artist mother's relationship with her daughters.
DON DELILLO READS THE NEWS - sample from net-art/new media art project by rhm.
PEACE IS - experimental video.