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Non-musical Influences

Pretty heavily outdated! Just ignore

I'm so ashamed. I never update this thing..

Books I like, used to like, or merely happened to read

Well, let's just say "under construction." Huxley's "Brave New World". Everything by Vonnegut. Bukowski. Sture Dahlström. Céline. Hard science fiction, my favorite probably being Larry Niven. AC Clarke. Used to read Stephen King. Science... Douglas Hofstadter. Kernighan & Ritchie. Paul Davies, J F Woodward. Richard Feynman, lots of good stuff. His biographical books are funnier than hell. 'QED' is also a pretty cool little book (layman's explanation of quantum electrodynamics)

I'm a lot more interested in history than when I was in school — I really hated it then. Besides more general history, I had a period when I was fascinated by the 20th century German debacle. (No, I'm not some sort of Nazi glorifier.) I read Shirer's "Rise and fall" and a few other ones, I also liked Albert Speer's book a lot. I know some people claim he had "a problem with the truth" but I'm not so sure. (Maybe we all do)

Still "extremely under construction," sorry..

Which magazines do I read? like? And/or recommend?

Time, Newsweek, things of that nature. International Herald Tribune rules!! When in Sweden: Sydsvenska Dagbladet. When in Germany, Der Spiegel sometimes (although the intricate language of Spiegel is sometimes difficult to understand for me). Computer Music Journal. Keyboard Magazine (sometimes).

Viz! Mad magazine sometimes.. there was a great Swedish magazine called Galago, but I can't find it anymore..

Which films do I watch? like? and/or recommend?

And/or even remember seeing?

A Clockwork Orange. Brazil was pretty cool. I saw all the Star Wars movies when I was young. I'd say Starship Troopers was "interesting". Hey, this looks pretty cheesy. "Under construction!! Under construction!!" Many many more!

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