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Photo Gallery #1

Originally called "A digital pseudo-photo album".. I initially put this up in 1996 sometime. All 24-bit RGB JPEGs. Click on the small picture to load the full resolution version. Have fun!

Me! Me! Me! Me!

Me in 84, (or should I say 1984 now that we're moving into a new millenium?) probably in rehearsals before the Marching Out album. (Note "stylish" broad-striped cotton shirt)

Me on my 26th birthday (1989)

Me getting a studio tan — the only tan available in Sweden.

Another pic of me and Anders in the (old) Heptagon remote

ME AGAIN, getting fresh air (a rare occasion) BTW, these three last ones were taken in July 1995..

By golly, more pictures of meeeee...

Before a show in Japan, probably 86.

"You should have seen the one that got away..." Before a Dio show at Irvine Meadows. 1990?

Me on stage in Japan

Slaughtering some "inverted Counterpoint", no doubt..

Surprise, yet another Japanese live shot

and another one (I think Jeff Soto took some of these, they're about the only decent live shots I have of myself from those days. Thanks, Jeff! This must have been 1986 as well then!)

Audience shot from the Meadowlands (big place!)

Some more pictures of friends and other stuff

Yngve kicking back in the infamous "blue house". The defiled posters on the wall are of Boy George and Swedish pop star Carola Häggquist (probably from the magazine Okej, which our friend Jörgen Holmstedt used to send.) This was my bedroom, if anyone wants me to do some interior decoration for them, just drop me a line

An obvious case of writer's block can be diagnosed when your demo studio looks like this. This also from the "blue house" (20925 Almazan Road) that we later were evicted from

Anders in action in Japan

This is Anders a few hours later ("inaction"? ). The Japanese really overcharge you for lampshades, by the way.

Jonas Hellborg warming up before a show in Bergen, Norway. (1990?) A few hours after this picture was taken an extremely embarassing incident occured involving eggs and the Norwegian police force.

I think this may be from a gig on the same tour, the singer is the eminent Mudbone Cooper. The other guys in the picture are my brother Anders, and Jonas again.

Yngwie: "Don't you ever fucking put these pictures on the net!"

Wally Voss, who played bass with Rising Force for a number of years, but who sadly passed away a few years back... too bad, he was funnier than hell and a good player too

Yngwie again, in the dressing room (86?)

And what else, if not another YM pic

Here it's Jonas again, at the console in Greenpoint Studios (Brooklyn) (1992?) during the mix of the 'e' album

Anders posing in Germany, perhaps for a monster movie

Me again, after a bird shat on my keyboard*

How not to furnish your home, lesson 1: Musical instrument repair

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