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Online Text to Morse code converter (generates MIDI file)

Try it out!

Tempo (not "WPM"): 80 90 100 120 140 160 220
How to generate: Attempt to play immediately Download

"WPM" is something like Tempo / 6. So tempo=120 is appx 20 WPM.

Use "|" for the end of message character (like SK without pause.) Use "\" for the "receiver please delete last word sent" character (eight dots). Use "&" for the "Ch" character. Use "]" for alternate end of message character (like BT without pause). "=" is used as a break or pause between sentences.

The script currently translates the following characters:
a-z 0-9 ,?/+.:-'"()@$_=; äåöéñü \|&]

Peek at the source

If you're like me, you like grabbing copies of stuff.. just in case it disappears.
So here it is.

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