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Nov 2005 / No News

I'm sitting in the dressing room in Pamplona and Lauri was heckling me for never updating my homepage. So there!

Aug 2004 / news

There have been so many things happening since 2002 (when I last bothered to update this) that I don't even know where to start.... so I won't..

Jul 2002 / some news is good news

Again apologies for laziness. I'm sure most of you have given up on any updates on these accursed pages by now. Anyway, the keys for the Strato "Elements" project are completed which was a pretty mammoth-sized job! But now they're done. So again I can kick back for a little while! As usual, in things related to Strato the official site is updated about 100 times more often and and maintained about 100 times better than this. It's at http://www.stratovarius.com. The past months I did have time to upload two slightly crude photo galleries from the time in Helsinki this year. They are here and here! Have fun in the next 6 months until the next update!

Jan 2002 / a little news!

Apologise for lack of updates here. Been busy relaxing. Nice to be on break! I've not done much lately, just watching movies, reading books, etc. I did some work for Arjen's new record though. That was interesting.

Schedule and plans as follows. a) Complete Barilari keyboards and send off to Argentina (which I had promised to have ready by many months ago!) b) Do some solos on Benny Jansson's new record. c) Try to compose some songs for the new Strato. This will be difficult, because the songs Timo has made already are very good!! It's a very high standard to compete against. d) Finish keys and melodies for new Johansson record. Also fit Bill and Mastermind in here somehow. e) Go to Finland April 22, rehearse, start tracking in Finnvox May 16, finish keyboards. f) rest of year, odds and ends like video. Also I will guest on a Hammerfall bonus track — we will do Yngwie's "Rising Force". Should be fun! We have to play it faster than the original! g) Strato promo junket beginning of November in an extremely cool place. Record release 1st week of January 2003. Tour to follow. Countries under consideration: ru? fi se no? de cg fr es pt? it gr? uk ar br cl mx us? ca? jp.

Jan 2001 / not much news

Ahh, great to have some time off! Nothing much happening I'm happy to report! Well, I did buy server space for jens.org but there's not much up there yet. I only moved some of the larger files there so far... By the way, Hammerfall are out touring (Europe) and if you see them go say hi to Anders. OK all for now!

Tue Mar 07 18:48:58 2000 / News

Time flies between the updates to this page!! I have been a bit busy since I last typed here. I did make a point of spending a few weeks around New Year's not really doing anything. It was quite nice. But alas, a pretty long tour awaits now. Yep, it's those cursed Finns again. As usual, all the sordid details are at http://www.stratovarius.com. Nope, it doesn't go to the US, the UK, Vanuatu, Cameroon, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tonga, or even the Dem. People's Rep. of Korea... but one can dream!

Oh, and we did manage to make a record as well, to go with the tour. On that new German label of ours. They seem brilliant so far!

On other musical fronts nothing new really. Me and Anders recorded some drums at the beginning of December for a yet-unspecified yet-unnamed yet-unmetamorhposed project. But I've been a little bit reluctant to clutter the previous month with work, like i did last Christmas. Three weeks of relaxing time at home turned into four CDs... and then the gigs began anew...

So see you on tour perhaps, at least if you're a Melodic Metal type person!

Sat Aug 21 13:45:55 1999 / Some News

Time flies, I've been busy composing.. and there's some news. The next strato record, our first on Nuclear Blast, will be released Feb 28, 2000. Rehearsals start Sep 6, and tracking will start Oct 1. There is a press gathering, and promo show in Paris Oct 16. A video shoot is planned for Nov 26-29. December and January will see mix, mastering and promo. Things are MOVING, and once we have some song titles we will post them to http://www.stratovarius.com, so watch out!! The World tour will start in mid March. Tentative country order: fi, se, no, dk, de, be, nl, fr, pt, es, at, ch, it, cz, hu. gr? tr? br, ar, cl? jp? us? Massive amounts of summer festivals will probably be played in the summer of 2000. (Some places I think we should go to: uk, bf, cc, cm, cs, et, fk, gl, il, in, IS!!, kp(!), kr, np, sj, to, vu.)

I have also made a few smaller fixes to this site..

Thu Jul 08 23:28:55 1999 / Vacation!

Now the tour is really over. I'm basically just kicking back for a few weeks, writing, vegging out, what not..

Wed Apr 14 07:43:09 1999 / Minor fixes

OK so I'm back from the Tour from Hell with strato. I've fixed some minor technical things here, but not much new content yet. Stay tuned..

Tue Feb 09 05:21:00 1999 / News from Japan..

I was just voted "Keyboards Champion" in Burrn! Magazine! Pretty exciting! Oh, and "The Last Viking" just got 87 points in a review in the same magazine.

Thu Dec 31 14:14:00 1998 / More script and content updates

Have been tweaking a few things over the holidays. Going back on the road with Strato on Jan 15 1998! But expect some more updates when time permits in the next month or so. On musical fronts, "The Last Viking" was completed in the beginning of december, slated for release in japan Feb 2, 1998. There are some sample mp3's from it (they may disappear in a few tho!) (BTW I moved these to our corporate server in Sweden on Tue Jan 12 19:23:15 EST 1999 — links below reflect this.)

Working on a bunch of other stuff, but more on that in the next newsflash!

Dec 14 1998 / Access problems

There was some problems, say between 98-12-03 and 98-12-14 to access any pages here — they all gave "403/forbidden" status. Still trying to figure out what happened exactly. Hopefully it should work now. (Just got back from 2 months on the road..)

Fri Oct 02 23:19:00 1998 / Massive update and revision

Well, this update has been long overdue.. the last time I edited any of these pages was more than a year and a half ago. Some high-tech cutting edge medium, this web thing! For me, most of the web programming lately has been in the effort to maintain the Heptagon site, and of course its two weird photo galleries.

I plan to update the pages a lot in the coming months, I worked a bit this week on some scripts to add automatic indexing, integrated footnotes * and dynamic content to the pages (for instance, select the "photo galleries" link above and it'll give you one of the galleries for ya at random!). If anything crashes down in a cloud of dust, let me know, OK?

Now that the scripting hurdle has been cleared, the update/restructuring process can begin.. "one of these days." I'll leave the old home page up for a while, including any and all files it refers to. They will quite likely disappear at some point in the future tho. Probably in another two years..

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