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Polymetric MIDI rhythm generator

Tempo: MIDI Note(s): MIDI channel:

Note duty cycle (0 .. 1): Note velocity (0 .. 127): Dither (in ticks, 0 .. 0.5):

Resolution (ticks per quarter note): 96 192 384 1536

How to generate: Play (MIDI) Download (MIDI) Text

Brief manual

You basically type stuff in the box above and click "Generate it". The stuff you type determines what's played back. "4" corresponds to a quarter note, "(3, 8)" to a 8th note triplet. "|" indicates "play this next row of notes at the same time as the last row of notes."

For a more detailed description, you can look here. And here's the source code. "Dither" is a random signal added to the timing information before the rounding to the nearest sequencer tick occurs. Should normally be zero unless there is some particular problem with the rounding of the program being too systematic. "Duty cycle" is the ratio of the time a note is on to the time it's off. Basically 1 means "legato", and values closer to zero "staccato". You can get the normal interface back (less options) by selecting the link for the normal interface.

If there is some problem with your string, perhaps try selecting the 'generate text' radio button and examine the output of the program. That can help explain unexpected results due to a syntax error or (egads!) a bug. Let me know.


I place no restrictions whatsoever (legal or moral) on the use of the MIDI files generated by this program. If you use them for a commercial or non-commercial product such as a CD or on other web page, of course I would be really happy about a mention or a hyperlink or something. But I make no such requirement.

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