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Regarding the recording of some of the records...

To be completed one of these days.

Rising Force (first album)



Json 1

Purple Tribute / Premonition



ten seasons

Heavy Machinery



Well, fuck, I have to start somewhere. Here's a story about the bass on this record. But let's start from the beginning. The bulk of the material on the record originated as a bunch of midi files that I wrote for "fun" in 1995-1996 or so. I remember sending a tape to Varney, I had a bit of a deadline because I had to go somewhere and I put a bunch of keyboard solos on in a haste. I ended up liking them, so many of the solos havea bit of a fresh, rough feel.. The basic tracking was done in 96 I think. It's good to have your brother as drummer. I can complain about his playing and ask him to redo parts all day but I know him well enough that I can gauge the shade of red his face has — this enables me to run out of the room before a fist fight breaks out or I get a drum stick in my ass. * The tapes lay fallow for many months, as usual. Stuff got in between.. touring. Hassle. Life. Anyway, i like the record a lot. On a conceptual level, it mixes thru-composed stuff with more static structures to put long solos over. The guitarists (Shawn and Mike) were added long later, both without having listened to the material beforehand — for that beautiful surprise effect. Session notes from record, cut and paste.

Here's a sample of the result.. there's also an mp3 of the japanese bonus track here, it's pretty cool in an "interesting" way. (Keep in mind tho this is a bonus track! )


Visions of Europe



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