Jonathan's Little Corner : Torah : Parshat Balak

Dívar Torah
Shaleshudis, Parshas Balak 5766
Before yahrzeit of Joseph Ezra Wisan, 17 Tammuz 5750

Verse under study: Bamidbar 22:28

כח ויפתח יהוה את-פי האתון ותאמר לבלעם מה-עשיתי לך כי הכיתני זה שלש רגלים.

28 And the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Bil`am: 'What have I done unto you, that you have hit me these three times?'

We started to give a shiur in Pirkei Avot this week, after davening, while the rabbi is away. S__ F_______r gave the first class, to great acclaim.† †In honor of that, I want to link this weekís parsha with Pirkei Avot, particularly the 5th chapter, which is what those who say it throughout the summer are saying.† Thatís the chapter with all the numbers, and itís easy to link, since Mishnah 5 tells us that

ďTen things were created at twilight on Friday [of the week of creation]: the mouth of the earth [that swallowed up Korach & Co.], the mouth of the well [that gave water to us in the desert], the mouth of [Bilamís] donkey, ÖĒ

Iím not going to list them all.† These three appear in the past three parshiot Ė Korach two weeks ago, th