October 03, 2004

Two down...

Mood: Eating chicken-corn soup.
Music: The Sound of a Whirling Sorbet Maker, Glenn

I've made two flavors so far...Honeydew and Pink Grapefruit. I've juiced limes for either a chile-lime, or a ginger-lime. Haven't decided yet. Tomorrow, on the way home from work, I need to pick up more fruit/ingredients.

I spent a fair amount of time prepping frozen raspberries and blackberries...but after all the work to make the smooth puree, I tasted it. And it was all freezer-burny tasting. So I chucked it all. Drag. Took about an hour to get it that far.

Have a plan for a lovely vanilla-almond sorbet...and I think I'm going to make a green tea sorbet. Also thinking about a lemon-mint, and a cucumber-dill.

And I did get my laundry done, thank you. About time, too. Was running out of socks.

Posted by Glenn at October 3, 2004 10:27 PM