August 03, 2008


Mood: Happy.
Music: Nothing at the moment.
Game: Rock Band (360), Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360), Team Fortress 2 (PC), Warhammer 40K (Tabletop), Age of Conan (PC), Call of Duty 4 (PC), Soul Calibur 4 (360)
Book: Warhammer 40k, 5th Ed.
Watching: The Dark Knight.
Weather: Warm, Sunny.

I'm moving blogs.

Because of the way Movable Type has changed their code, and the way my hosting provider has their servers set up, I won't be able to upgrade my blog, which would have allowed me to to do all sorts of stuff.

Suffice it to say that the thing I wanted to do most was be able to blog from my new iPhone...because I have downtime on the bus, and the reason why I haven't blogged recently is because of lack of time.


My new blog can be found at:

Thanks for following me!