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Making Math Accessible for Blind Students

Stay tuned to this space for a guide I am writing on the subject of making math accessible to blind and low-vision college students.

Meanwhile, you can

More about Accessible Math

Geometria est archetypus pulchritudinis mundi.
(Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world.)
Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

Blind Mathematicians Birth-Death Dates Biographical Info
Nicolas Saunderson (1682-1739) English mathematician who went blind in his first year, due to smallpox and was recommended by Isaac Newton to the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge. This is the famous position which Newton himself held, and which was later held by Charles Babbage, and is currently held by Stephen Hawking. Cambridge had previously denied Saunderson entrance to the university as a student due to his blindness.
Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) Swiss mathematician known by contemporaries as "Analysis Incarnate" for his ability to make calculations seemingly without effort; Euler's abilities won him a place in the courts of Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great of Russia.
Louis Antoine (1888-1971) Lost his sight at the age of twenty-nine in the first World War, worked in two and three dimensional topology.
Arnold Fast -- First programmer; worked on the Z3 in Germany in 1941.
Lev Semenovich Pontryagin (1908-1988) Russian mathematician whose most influential works are in topology and homotopy theory.
Dr. Abraham Nemith -- Developed the Nemith Braille code which is used for math and science.
Bernard Morin 1931- French geometer and former Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University who demonstrated how to invert a hollow sphere, which he did by making clay models based on the various stages of the proof.
Lawrence W. Baggett -- Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder for thirty years.
Eberhard Hahn -- German mathematician who is developing a computer program to convert written Tibetan into Tibetan Braille.
Emmanuel Giroux
Dr. Kent Cullers -- Director of SETI Research and Development
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