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Kenny Greenberg was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950. He earned degrees in Perceptual Psychology and Education at Columbia University (B.A. 1972, M.A 1974). After nearly a decade of developing and administering the rapeutic arts programs, he returned to his own creative pursuits and learned neon glassblowing at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop in 1980, where he eventually exhibited and taught.

Krypton Neon

In 1982 he opened his studio, Krypton Neon, in Long Island City, NY. Over the past decade he has established himself both in the arts and in the theater, film, and television industries.


Kenny has created large scale neon stage effects for several award winning Broadway productions including "Miss Saigon", "Tommy", "Grease", "Victor/Victoria", "Best Whorehouse Goes Public", and "Five Guys Named Moe". His work has appeared in major motion pictures - most prominently in "Six Degrees of Separation". His televison work has included neon for "The Cosby Show", "NBC News", the main set of "The 1994 Grammy Awards" and the opening set for "The 1995 Tony Awards". He recently created two five story high lightning effect for Jeckyll & Hyde's R estaurant Club where he has other works including a dripping Dali inspired neon clock.

Neon Art

Kenny Greenberg has created kinetic, interactive, environmental neon installations for a number of internationally known spaces. His animated installation "The Running Man" at Socrates Sculpture Pa rk in New York was a semi-permanent outdoor work which exhibited between 1989 and 1992. He collaborated with interactive sound artist Liz Phillips, creating neon which flows and changes color to sound and movement in "Mer Sonic Illuminations" which was in stallated at "Ars Electronica" in Linz, Austria in 1991 and at the World Financial Center "EnvironArt Festival" in New York in 1992. His work has appeared in The International Design Center of NY and the Nuseum of Design.

Commercial Neon

Commercial work turned out by Krypton Neon includes window displays for Bergdorf-Goodman, Bonwit Teller, and he was commissioned for a presentation ceremony by Harley Davidson for President Reagan.


Kenny has also been an active Internet enthusiast, writer, site author, and consultant for several years. He is a columnist for Internet World Magazine and he is a contributing author of Tricks of the Internet Gurus (SAMS Publishing 1994 ISBN 0-672-30599-2). His New York Art Line on gopher was one of the earliest databases focused on the arts. He has establishe d a web site for neon artists and businesses and a website for the community where he lives and works.


Kenny has programming skills in Visual Basic and Perl. His most recent VB is Kenny's Color Mixer 1.1, a background color and text utility for web page authors. In Perl he created a searchable database for Artomat - an art online gallery. He also hardwires primative logic circuits - his most recent project was a programmable control panel for a commercial radio tower in San Paolo which is completely otlined and detailed in neon.

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