Jim Kingdon's home page

My home page: the usual collection of links, information about me, and random stuff. To be honest, the #1 reason I maintain it is so that I have a place to put links and such, for my own use.

List of places I've lived, with commentary which attempts to be insightful, amusing, or failing that, at least non-libelous.

List of people I know with home pages. List of computers I have owned/known. I have been somewhat interested in the FreeVMS project to write a free clone of the VMS operating system. Or in that vein see my License Codes. I am one of those wretched souls hooked on Usenet. Or I have a few notes on Various java topics.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jim Kingdon. Of course there are also the obligatory pictures:

Co-ops, communes (see also East Wind legislation as of when I was there - treat it as a text file if you don't know texinfo), and worker-owned companies have been an interest of mine. I've lived at East Wind, Acorn, and Northwoods communes (Northwoods now being defunct, see the above link for information on the other two), as well as student co-ops at Oberlin and a variety of greater or lesser involvement in other such organizations.

Space markets page. This describes commercial markets in space, from current ones like communications to speculative ones like helium 3 and platinum mining (despite relatively few updates since the 1990s, I'm not sure I've yet run into another page which is particularly similar). Space has been kind of a hobby for me (I guess I could have called myself an amateur space policy analyst, at least for a while in the late 1990's).


Hike with your dog on the Canine John Muir.


I know a bit of esperanto, a human language designed in the late 19th century which is easier to learn than natural languages. I haven't yet decided whether my interest in esperanto is a hobby or a serious attempt to better the world. I don't figure I have to decide between the two. The best English language page on esperanto I am aware of is Don Harlow's Esperanto page. I also have an esperanto-language homepage.

I don't know if I'll ever more than dabble in Japanese, but here is my Japanese-language page. If you are thinking of learning written Japanese, my Japanese reference page contains lists of characters and some tutorial information. It mostly avoids English, to get one accustomed to Japanese and for non-English readers, but should be accessible to beginners or near-beginners. I also have a similar page of scribblings (notes to myself as I learn, really) for Hindi.

You may write to me in English, Spanish, or Esperanto. Actually, you may write to me in any language you want, but your chances that I'll understand you will be very small :-).

I have a page on Gender-free pronouns in English.


From 1992 to 2000 I played in member bands of the Lesbian and Gay Bands of America. During that time I've played the trumpet and trombone.

Dance links:

One page I am going to mention for no obvious reason is Cormac's Art Gallery. I wouldn't describe myself as blown away by the art, and I would assume there is lots more original art on the web by now, but this page was on the web in 1994, when the web was much smaller, and the guy who did it is a friend of a friend. Besides which, maybe I just kind of like it.

Puzzle House

Technology and what-not

When I was biking a lot I kept looking for the perfect bike light. Looks like they have improved, at least somewhat, since then.


A few of my recipes:

Politics and work

A number of years ago I wrote a few words on censorship, and a few random links on spam.

I also have a programming-related column. And a page of writings.


We have many years of sermons from my grandfather, Robert Wells Kingdon, in moderately organized form. See the rwk-sermons directory, with the explanation.html being an overview of what is there in what format.