Modern Mainstream Square Dance Calling by Sean Crist

I am a square dance caller in the Boston, MA area. I am available for hire in New England.

I can call:

"One night stand" dances

A "one night stand" dance is a one-time event for participants who generally have no prior square dance experience. I have called for birthday parties, church groups, school events, college events, community organizations, and block parties. I can call for children and/or adults.

A dance generally lasts 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I am willing to call longer, but 2 to 2 1/2 hours is usually a good length in terms of the energy level and interest span for most beginning dancers.

The dance is divided into tips. Each tip lasts roughly 10-15 minutes, and then the dancers take a break for roughly 5-10 minutes, usually to socialize and snack.

During the dance, I teach around 8-10 calls (more or less, depending on how the floor is doing). I usually have folks dancing while they are learning; I try spend as little time as possible explaining things with the music stopped.

I bring the music and amplification equipment (turntable, speaker, etc.).

All you need to provide is a table and a grounded 3-prong wall socket. A 2-prong socket with adapter cannot be used because it voids the warranty on the equipment. Please double-check to make sure a 3-prong outlet is available: it has happened before that I showed up at an event, and the organizer had been mistaken about the outlet being grounded! Fortunately, we were able to get around the problem with an extension cord to a grounded outlet some distance away.

When you call me to arrange a dance, I will mail you a contract. Click here to read the contract.

Mainstream/Plus dances

I call the full Mainstream and Plus programs. I can call an Advanced star tip if required.

Click here to hear a sample of me calling the Mainstream program (640 Kb).


Music licensing: ASCAP/BMI licensed

Professional memberships: Member of Callerlab and of the Gay Callers Association

Rates: $150 for a normal 2 1/2 hour dance.

Contact: 484-904-9517 or click here.

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