The rest of the country has gone crazy for poker, so why not me too? I watch it on TV, listen to Podcasts about it, read the books and magazines, and of course, I play too. I play live here in New York, and I play online. For the longest time I was limited to and their web interface combined with the phenomenal tracking software Mac Poker Pro, but finally Full Tilt Poker came out with a Macintosh client, so I play there too. And now that I can run Windows on my Macintosh using Parallels Desktop, I am playing on some of the bigger PC only sites. In fact, I won my seat at the 2006 World Series of Poker playing on I also won a seat to the 2009 Main Event playing at a Poker4Life charity tournament for the Buoniconti Fund.

In the Poker Section of my Blog, I have posted a tip for playing multiple tables online at once.

By the way, if you ever thought that online poker is rigged, you are right. Here is the absolute proof...

I am currently doing some one on one coaching with Jonathan Little. Check out his free video. (Truth in advertising, this is an affiliate link, so if you end up buying his videos, I do get a cut.)

Poker On TV

Celebrity Poker Showdown
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The World Series of Poker

Poker Podcasts I currently Listen to

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