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Computer Hardware Sites

This is a small collection of links to manufacturers of computer hardware. It covers the basic "main-stream" areas such as printers, SCSI adapters, and CPU's. New links to "hardware solutions" will be appear over time.

  • Adaptec, Inc. -- Adaptec is the company which has traditionally set the standard for SCSI sub-systems. This site also has configuration assistance and driver software.

  • ATI Technologies -- The makers of the famous mach32 and mach64 based cards. Good place to get drivers.

  • Creative Labs -- Creative Labs is the manufacturer of a very popular line of multi-media peripherals such as the SoundBlaster line. This site contains info about new offerings, tech solutions & FAQ's, and driver updates.

  • Hewlett Packard Company -- Technical information about HP's line of printers and scanners. The site also has leads on new drivers.

  • I B M -- IBM's home page. The doorway to everything IBM has from hardware to software to employment opportunities. If you're looking for information on OS/2 WARP, then jump to the OS/2 sites section!

  • Intel Corporation -- Get the latest information on what Intel is up to. If you're CPU is more than a month old, then chances are that Intel has come up with something newer, bigger, and faster which makes your current CPU obsolete. The site also contains a useful CPU upgrade chart.

  • Matrox -- The makers of the Matrox Millennium video card. The site has BIOS & Driver updates. You can also find technical info, product descriptions, and white papers here.

  • Sun Microsystems Inc. -- The place to get info on the machines that form the backbone of the Internet.

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Computer Software Sites

This section is designed to provide quick access to software products which meet a modern computer user's needs. In addition to listing market segment leaders such as Autodesk, this section attempts bring attention to smaller ISV's, such as Stardock, which are capable of providing quality solutions.

  • Adobe -- maker of high quality graphics and desktop publishing programs for both Mac and Wintel platforms. The company has also provided a port of the Adobe Acrobat reader for OS/2.

  • AnPoCODEC VI -- This CODEC file allows OS/2 users to play Windows AVI files under OS/2.

  • The Apache Software Foundation -- The Apache Software Foundation exists to provide organizational, legal, and financial support for the Apache open-source software projects such as the popular Apache Web Server.

  • **NEW** Apache Server for OS/2" -- This site contains the OS/2 port of version 1.3.12 Apache web server. The site also contains an OS/2 port of a PHP3 loadable module (version 3.0.15). The site also contains a few other useful pieces of information

  • Autodesk -- This web site is the home of AutoCAD and 3D-Studio. The products are only available for Windows platforms. These products have become the defacto standard in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry.

  • Bentley's Microstation -- The web page for a popular Computer Aided Design package which is used by many of the world's most famous architects. They have a version available for OS/2.

  • Caldera -- Home of OpenLinux and OpenDos. This Utah based company is working hard to bring these Net supported products into the business world.

  • CFM Computer fr Menschen GmbH -- a German company which produces Twain Drivers and Scanner Software for Windows 3.1x, Windows95, Windows NT 3.51-4.0 and IBM's OS/2.

  • Clear & Simple, Inc. -- Makers of the OS/2 performance enhancement packages Performance PLUS and The DiskJockey

  • Dadaware -- Developers of the graphics packages Embellish and JView Pro Embellish is available for both the Windows95 and OS/2 platforms.

  • Dialog Enhancer -- this program improves OS/2 Warp's system dialogs so that they have a clean and consistent look through out the use the operating system. Feature include use of the WarpSans font instead of the standard System Monospaced font, additional icons, and revised WIn-OS2 dialog boxes.

  • **NEW** Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility -- this program has OS/2 support for more than 40 different models of digital cameras allowing OS/2 users to transfer their digital photos using their operating system of choice.

  • The Digital Sound & Music Interface for OS/2 plug-in -- this DSMI plug-in allows users to play high quality, 32 channel digital music module files.

  • Emtec Network Suite -- This is a collection of OS/2 Internet Tools. The suite contains an FTP client, a News client, a Gopher client, a Ping program, and an Address Book.

  • Hockware / Vispro -- The makers of the a great line of visual development tools covering languages such as REXX, C, and C++. Very popular and very good.

  • HomePage Publisher for OS/2 -- This program allows the development of web pages in a graphical environment rather than using a plain-old text editor. The program provides a complete WYSIWYG environment & doesn't require a knowledge of HTML code.

  • Indelible Blue -- Although not a software manufacturer, this company is one of the leading OS/2 mail order houses. If you need a piece of OS/2 software and can't find it at a local computer store, then check out IB's on-line catalogue. You'll probably find it there. In fact, most OS/2 users may be surprised by the quantity of native OS/2 software.

  • Info-Zip -- This site provides free, high quality versions of the popular ZIP and UNZIP file compression and archiving utilities. Info-Zip provides support for various hardware platforms. OS/2 users will find native 32-bit versions of these tools which support Extended Attibutes and Long Filenames.

  • InJoy -- F/X Communications provides several internet communication tools such the "Injoy Dialer" which is a program for establishing dial-up PPP connections under OS/2, Injoy PPPoE (PPP over Internet) and Injoy FireWall

  • Internet Adventurer -- An new OS/2 internet suite which seems to contain everything but the kitchen sink. The package was independently developed by Kim Rasmussen. It contains a WWW browser, and clients for FTP, Gopher, IRC, News, Mail and Telnet.

  • The Java-Pilot Desktop -- This site contains a Java implementation of Palm's Desktop environment for its popular Pilot series of PDA's

  • **NEW** La Maison des Anglais -- This site has various useful OS/2 utilities such as an excellent calcualtor, a file viewer and a Desktop Publishing program

  • **NEW** Larsen Commander -- Larsen Commander is a powerful, flexible and user friendly GUI File Manager and Command Processor that has a look and feel inspired by the classic Norton Commande

  • Lotus Development Corporation -- The makers of Smartsuite and Notes. Now as a division of IBM, Lotus is pushing the concept of "group" centric computing. Some of these new group editing features deserve a look.

  • Lyris E-mail List Server -- This cross platform e-mail list server allows a webmaster to run open discussions, moderated forums, announcement lists, and auto-responders!

  • Microsoft -- The leader in computer monopolies. This link is here as a source of information to be used to help the people trying to deal with one of Microsoft's "features.

  • MR/2 ICE e-mail client -- An excellent & powerful native OS/2 e-mail client produced by Nick Knight.

  • MySQL -- MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. Ports of this fast database are available for various Unix platforms, Linux, Windows, and OS/2.

  • Netscape -- The software maker who seems to have popularized the World Wide Web and the Internet. If you're setting up an Intranet then they are worth serious consideration due to their "open-computing" strategy and cross platform support.

  • Novell -- The makers of Netware. Excellent source of information for networking PC's.

  • ONG Software -- This software developer is known for making Web Organizer. This program helps users organize their evergrowing list of Netscape & Web Explorer bookmarks.

  • OS2PoPs -- A POP mail server for OS/2. It is written in REXX and has the capability of supporting an unlimited number of clients.

  • PHP Hypertext Preprocessor -- PHP is a popular open source software project that allows for the creation of dynamic web pages and database connective through the use of server-side executed scripts.

  • PMview -- This is a high-quality native OS/2 imaging program which allows for basic editing and file format translations of electronic images. The program's ability to assign a "thumbnail" image as an image file's icon is especially good.

  • **NEW** The Polarbar Mailer -- This is a freeware version of Innoval's old Jstreet Mailer. The program is an excellent cross-platform Java based e-mail client program.

  • Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. -- This site is the place for adding security to all of your electronic communications.

  • QuickMotion for OS/2 -- Developers of QuickMotion and Quickflick. These programs allow for the viewing of QuickTime files under the OS/2 operating system.

  • **NEW** SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy -- an application programming interface (API) that provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware (flatbed scanner, hand-held scanner, video- and still-cameras, frame-grabbers, etc.). The SANE API is public domain and its discussion and development is open to everybody.

  • Solution Technology -- The home for TWAIN for OS/2, BarCode Anywhere, Image Edition for OS/2, Genie Forms Reading for OS/2, Applause Image Utility, Review Personal Image Edition, Textflow Batch OCR for OS/2, and other high performance imaging and workflow products.

  • SouthSoft -- This computer consulting company is well known as the developer of the popular PMmail e-mail client, PMInews, and PMftp.

  • Stardivsion's Staroffice Suite -- A leading office suite package from Europe. This multi-platfrom package contains a spreadsheet, word processor, drawing package, & database program. All programs in the package are "internet enabled."

  • Stardock -- They are known for creating Object Desktop for OS/2. Unfortuenately, they no longer sell OS/2 products. However, they do develop Object Desktop variants for the Windows platform. Object Desktop for Windows has the potential to improve the windows UI to the point where it may be somewhat useable.

  • Sundial Systems -- This company produces a variety of software products which could be pulled together to form a native OS/2 software suite. Their products include: Clearlook (a word processor), Mesa 2 (a spreadsheet), Relish & Relish Net (a personnel information manager), and DBExpet (a database program).

  • Warpzilla -- This is the official site for the OS/2 port of the Mozilla project. This is the Open-Source-Software project for the continued development of a Netscape browser.

  • The World Wide Web Consortium -- This is the main source of information about the world wide web. The consortium sets the HTML specifications and provides a number of useful resources for developers.

  • **NEW** XFree86-OS/2 -- This page has information on the port of a free and optimized X11R6 implementation for OS/2

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Links to OS/2 Sites

After casting aside "marketing propaganda," one finds that the best operating system is the one that meets an individual user's needs. I've found the OS/2 meets the needs of the serious "power user." If you fall into the power user category, then this platform deserves your attention. Here are a few links which provide basic product information and solutions.

  • Alex Chapman OS/2 Home Page -- This OS/2 web page contains a listing of computer manufacturers that will pre-load OS/2, a listing of hints and tips for using Windows plugins with Netscape Navigator for OS/2 and an OS/2 resource list.

  • **NEW** Christoph's Gnome/2 & Enlightenment/2 Page -- Web site with links to OS/2 ports of Gnome and Enlightenment desktops for X11

  • Colin's Home Page -- A personal OS/2 WWW site run by Colin Hildinger. The site will lead you to The Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page! and to information on how to use the SoundBlaster AWE32 with OS/2 Warp. You'll also find another massive list of useful links.

  • Communicator for OS/2 Bug-Tracker -- This site covers bugs and available fixes for Netscape Communicator and Netscape 4.61 for OS/2. The site also provides tips for additional functionality in the browser.

  • The David Barnes Home Page -- The home page of the original OS/2 advocate. This page contains great looking graphics and samples of new OS/2 Software. It also has a link to the OS/2 Shareware BBS

  • IBM Developer Connection Device Driver Kit for OS/2 -- this site is intended to provide the latest source code, tools, documentation, and technical support needed to develop OS/2 device drivers quickly and easily.

  • IBM Fixes, Drivers, Files and News -- this site contains the latest fixes for many of IBM's personal software products such as OS/2.

  • IBM's OS/2 Device Driver update site -- This site was developed by IBM to provide a central location for updates to the various device drivers which may be needed for OS/2 systems.

  • IBM's Software Choice Catalogue -- This is IBM's on-line way of maintaining OS/2. Here you have a selection of OS/2 free & for-purchase components for OS/2 such as Netscape Navigator or the latest Java support.

  • Judy's Warped World -- OS/2 news, links, and information.

  • **NEW** The OS/2 Files -- Various links and tips about OS/2 and the X-windows port to OS/2.

  • OS/2 Warp News & Rumors -- The site provides exactly what the name implies. This appears to be an excellent source to use for tracking the release of the latest fixpacks, program upgrades, and relevant OS/2 news. All information has a nice color coded date marker.

  • The OS/2 Supersite -- This site is for all of those people who can never get into Hobbes or CR-ROM. The site contains its own file archive of freeware and shareware. Extremely well organized. Check it out!.

  • **NEW** The PowerUsers BBS -- This site has information which will help any "poweruser" get the better performance out of their Linux, *BSD, Tru64, Solaris, and OS/2 system

  • Soundcards for OS/2 -- This site, which is maintained by Rod Smith, contains a great deal of information about soundcard support under OS/2. Make sure to check this page out before you purchase a new soundcard for your OS/2 system!

  • **NEW** Stellarcom.org -- This site has information on how to get Palm devices to work with OS/2

  • John Summerfield's Home Page -- excellent web site filled with useful information about OS/2.

  • Surviving with OS/2 Warp in a sea of Windows -- This web site's goal is to provide an informative discussion on OS/2's networking capabilities & how to integrate these capabilities with the common place " Windows Network "

  • **NEW** Virtual OS/2 Internation Consumer Education -- VOICE is an organization dedicated to the promotion of OS/2 Warp to the general consumer through various activities as providing current and factual information about OS/2 Warp and OS/2 related product

  • **NEW** The WarpDoctor -- This site is intended to support the information, software, and hardware needs of the OS/2 Community.

  • The Warped Site -- Another web site full of OS/2 information. The site contains news, links, reviews, FAQ's and some excellent OS/2 TIPS

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OS/2 Programming

Need to do a little programming in JAVA, C, C++, REXX, or even Perl? Well chances are you can do it comfortably in OS/2! Here are a few links which I hope you'll find helpful.

  • Paulo Gago da Camara's WarpTris -- WarpTris is a Tetris style game which was written for OS/2 Warp. It's included in the programming section because the Source Code is included with the distributed program. It makes a great reference to use while learning how to write Presentation Manager based programs.

  • The Rexx Language -- This page is maintained at IBM Hursley & contains numerous links to documents relating to the Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx programming.

  • The Un*x to OS/2 Porting Page -- This page contains all the basic information needed to get going down the road of porting applications developed for Unix to OS/2. The site is also available in a PDF file.

  • The wxWindows Site -- wxWindows is a freeware, portable C++ GUI toolkit which consists of a class library that allows you to compile graphical C++ programs on a number of different platforms will keeping the GUI of the "native OS.

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Magazine Sites

Ever miss an issue of you're favorite magazine, or get kicked out of that newsstand before you finished reading an article? Well maybe you can find an on-line version here. The price certainly is right :)

  • Car and Driver Magazine -- The WWW version of Car and Driver magazine. It's not as good as the paper version, but you can catch pieces of breaking news here.

  • Electronic Developer Magazine (EDM/2) -- This e-zine was dedicated to helping OS/2 programmers. Contains articles on a range of topics. Excellent source for OS/2 Programmers. This e-zine has stopped publishing - Last Issue September 1999

  • Infoworld -- One of the key "trade rags" for the computer profession. It is published weekly. Check out the articles by Nicholas Petreley for non-microsoft tainted articles about IBM's OS/2.

  • JavaWorld Magazine -- An e-zine for the Java community covering news, views, resources and tips for the new computing paradigm which is sweeping the industry.

  • LinuxWorld Magazine -- an online magazine covering the Linux operating system. It has all the trappings of a standard magazine such as reviews, interviews, news, and help articles. Also has some good links.

  • Model Railroader Magazine -- Kalmbach publishing's entry to cyber-space. The magazine is an excellent source of information for serious modelers. The Web page, on the otherhand, is still evolving. It's worth checking out.

  • OS/2 e-Zine! Online Magazine -- An excellent on-line magazine which is dedicated to a power user's operating system. The magazine contains reviews of currently shipping software and books, interviews, informative articles, and other useful stuff. Definitely worth a look!

  • PC Week -- Another weekly computer "trade rag." Also good for staying current.

  • 32 Bits On-Line! -- This e-zine attempts to cover computer issues for a variety of computing platforms including Linux, OS/2, MacOS, and Windows. Published by the Medullas Publishing Company.

  • Warpcast -- This news service keeps all OS/2 users up-to-date on the latest news.

  • Windows 2000 Magazine -- If your using WindowsNT either because you have to or you like to then this is an excellent resource. The site contains clips from articles in the hard copy edition, hosts forums, and seems to contain an extensive resource list.

  • Ziff-Davis Publishing -- Ziff-Davis's one stop web page for getting to WWW versions of PC Magazine, the Computer Shopper Guide, PC Week, and Computer Gaming World .

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Linux Links

This section of the Information center is devoted to the freeware Unix operating system known as Linux. It's industrial strength and runs a good portion of the world's Internet Servers. Most importantly, you have direct access to the source code.

  • The K Desktop Environment -- KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.

  • Linux Online -- Linux Online provides a comprehensive set of resources and services ranging from a help center with various reference material to a well organized set of links to other www and ftp sites.

  • The LinuxMall -- In addition to distributing commercial software for the Linux OS, this site contains Linux news items & announcements.

  • Linux Tutorial from Troubleshooting Professional Magazine -- This a collection of helpful short articles that form a short tutorial regarding the Linux OS. Covers info such as how to get the Apache web server working & how to set up a DNS.

  • O'Reilly Linux Center -- This is the best source to find informational books on the Linux operating system and related technologies. I've read books from many publishing companies. O'Reilly consistently releases well organized & intelligent books which do not need to be read 10 times to understand.

  • **NEW** WU-FTPD Resource Center -- This is the site with information on how to configure the WU-FTP server which is available for various Unix variants. Contains FAQ's, scripts, tools, and man pages covering tasks such as setting up "guest accounts" and "virtual servers."

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JAVA Links

The promise of JAVA is the ability to write once and run everywhere. Whether or not this will come true will be determined by ever changing market forces. The best way to turn this promise into reality is to use it. Here are a few links to get you started.

  • IBM's JAVA page -- Find out the latest & greatest news about what IBM is doing with JAVA.

  • The Java Lobby -- The main purpose of the Java Lobby is to represent the needs and concerns of the Java developer and user community to the companies and organizations who have influence in the evolution of Java.

  • JAVA -- This is the main source for getting information on programming for JAVA. Created to be "write once / run anywhere," JAVA has the potential to cause a major change in the way we think about computers & computing.

  • JavaScript Guide -- This really has nothing to do with Java other having a similar name. This guide, however, is an excellent guide for learning and implementing JavaScript to enhance web pages.

  • O'Reilly Java Center -- This is the best source to find informational books on the computer technologies around. Of special interest for JAVA developers is JAVA in a Nutshell

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Nifty Stuff

The title is self-explanatory. You'll find links to information which will have a significant impact on your life. Then again, maybe it won't.

  • AMI On-The-Snow -- When it comes time to go skiing, only two pieces of information are needed. First you must determine who has the most snow? Next, you must check the weather to verify that the only sunshine or falling snow is allowed at your chosen ski area. This link will provide this essential information.

  • The Dilbert Connection -- The Dilbert comic strip. If you're an engineer or work in the corporate world then you'll love this strip. It's funny because everything that's depicted is so true! Come to think of it, it's kind of scary that life is like a comic strip.

  • Mapquest -- This nifty little world wide web site will give you a detailed street map which pinpoints a company or street address which you are looking for. Real "James Bond" type stuff.

  • NASCAR Online -- The official site for the National Association of Stock Car Racing. The site contains breaking racing news, race results, team standings, multimedia clips, and live updates on race says. This is a must see site for race fans.

  • The Speedtrap Registry -- Before you take that next roadtrip check this page. It contains a listing of popular speed traps in the United States. Also has a link to a police car registry which lists the type of vehicles used by police in various cities. Finally, there is a chart which shows where radar detectors and scanners are legal.

  • This Old House -- If you like to build things and are into home improvement projects, then you have most likely watches the Public Television Services "This Old House." This is the official home page for the series.

  • Valentine One -- Radar detector which is consistently rated by Car & Driver magazine as being the best radar detector money can buy. Remember that a detector doesn't provide an excuse for poor driving. Please drive safely.

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Boating Links

If you grew up on Long Island in New York State, then chances are pretty good that you've spent some time on the Ocean. I been fortunate enough to have a boat in the family. Nothing beats heading a few miles off the South Shore on a nice sunny, calm day......

  • Boat U.S. -- This is the web site of the Boat Owners Association of the United States. This association provide boat loans, boat insurance, marine equipment, and the all important towing service for when your get stuck out on the water.

  • Grady White Boats -- An excellent line of fishing boats built in Greenville, North Carolina. The company claims to have The Ultimate Sportfishing Boat and the The Ultimate Ride

  • Local Notice to Mariners -- This is a section of the U.S. Coast Guard site which contains important items of information for local mariners, This is the place to check for information such what buoys are under repair or where new dangerous conditions exist.

  • Nor'east Saltwater Online -- the online edition of Nor'east Saltwater magazine that you can pickup in almost any bait shop & marina. Contains various articles, links & most importantly fishing reports.

  • Outboard Marine Corporation -- this is the home of the builders of Johnson & Evinrude marine outboard engines. In addition to product info, you can find the closest authorized dealer & get technical info on your particular model of motor

  • U.S. Coast Guard -- the home page of the United States Coast Guard. These are the people who are first on scene when you find yourself in serious trouble on the high seas.

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Educational Sites

Jealous of that the amazing skills the creator of this WEB page has demonstrated? Wish you could have the same education? Do you want to have a nice Bachelor's Degree and a few Master's Degree's? Well you can! Read on !

  • The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art -- If you're interested in studying engineering, architecture or art, then you should take a look at this school. It is consistently rated as being one of the most selective schools in the United States. The curriculum is very demanding, but on the bright side, every student at Cooper receives a full scholarship. How can you beat paying about $300 a year for a school that has an academic reputation equal to M.I.T.? Check it out!

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