CSpice - A Mailing List for Clergy Spouses

Table of Contents
  1. Purpose of the List
  2. Subscribing and Unsubscribing to the List
  3. Posting to the List
  4. On Topic
  5. Off Topic
  6. A Note About Confidentiality
  7. For Further Information

  1. Purpose of the list

    CSpice is a majordomo mailing list dedicated to providing mutual support for spouses of Christian clergy. Membership in the list is open to spouses of Christian clergy. In the interest of encouraging people to enter this vocation with open eyes, membership is also open to:

  2. Fiancées/fiancés of Clergy
  3. Spouses/fiancées/fiancés of seminary students
  4. Spouses/fiancées/fiancés of postulants, candidates, or aspirants to the Ordained Ministry
  5. Anyone contemplating a serious relationship with a member of the Clergy.

  6. Subscribing and Unsubscribing to the List

    To subscribe: mail a message to cspice-request@lists.panix.com with the message:


    Once I receive your subscription request, I will return a short questionnaire. (A copy of the questionnaire can me previewed here.) You must return the questionnaire before I will process your subscription. The questionnaire helps ensure that the list is reaching the people that it should. No information returned in the questionnaire will be disclosed to third parties.

    To unsubscribe: mail a message to cspice-request@lists.panix.com with the message:


  7. Posting to the List

    To post to the list, send a message to cspice@lists.panix.com . Only members of the list may post to it.

  8. On-Topic Subjects

    Any topic of interest to clergy spouses is on-topic. On-topic subjects include (but are not limited to):

  9. The Clergy Spouse Vocation
  10. Clergy Finance: Taxes, Parsonages, Retirement Planning
  11. Clergy Families: Those darn spouses!
  12. Boundaries: Drawing them, Enforcing them, Church/Home, Congregation/Spouse, Office time/Home time

  13. Off-Topic Subjects

    I will declare a few subjects off-topic to the list.

  14. Commercial Postings: If you have a product or serivce for sale, find another method to reach potential customers.
  15. Criticism of Another's Beliefs or Practices: You should expect that a wide variety of Christian beliefs and practices will be represented. Intolerance will not be tolerated.

  16. A Note About Confidentiality

    All of the messages on the list should be considered private and confidential. They should not be forwarded to other persons nor discussed in other forums without the explicit permission of the poster. You may choose to add a phrase such as "OK to distribute" to posts of your own that you wish to grant permission in advance to redistribute. Often material that you forwarded to the list from another source is appropriate to label this way.

    While the members of the list agree that they have an expectation of privacy, email, once sent, effectively becomes out of your control. A frequently quoted rule of email is that you shouldn't post anything which you would be embarassed to see posted on the church bulletin board.

  17. For Further Information

    Send me mail at murphy@panix.com. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Roy Murphy
January 12, 1998

Revision History:
July 21, 1999: Added sections on Questionnaire and Confidentiality.

July 8, 2003: minor editing