Password Generator

   Passwords must meet the contradictory goals of being long enough for safety and short enough to remember. Outside an organization with its own rules, judgement becomes important.
   This generator uses random numbers to create a fresh set of 15 eight character passwords each time it is invoked. An eight character password with numbers and mixed case lettering has 2.2x1014 combinations of value.
   A password with all letters of the same case has 1/77th as many combinations, or about 2,800 billion. That is still a challenge to hack. The math of hacking into a system with randomly generated passwords is astronomical.

  549ObE5y      7Cxszs3o      tONU90bc
  ZoBOhw36      PG9WnSpE      JGhUDKbg
  RiZwDuLy      LmD8HK9m      ZKD4169Y
  LUPqVszq      5m3WnkZU      hehCJuFm
  p8BYtgBU      7ABwtqXU      3ArQBSVs

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