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Recently (which is to say early Nov. 2005) someone suggested in email that a list of the sources used in the articles and their rough time periods might useful. I thought that was a good point.

Herewith is a bibliographical index to sources used in the HHGtAC. This sort is by order of appearance in the HHG. Other sorts may follow. Index is through article #39 as of 2 February 2006. (And the Article in the listing refers to the HHGtAC article in which the reference appears.)

A Proper Newe Booke of Cookery[of the sixteenth century]
Edited by Catherine Frances Frere, Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons Ltd, 1913. At least two editions were originally published, one in 1575 and one in 1576.
The Forme of Cury, A Roll of Ancient English Cookery
Edited by S. Pegge, London: J. Nichols, 1780. Original source c. 1390.
Delightes for Ladies
by Sir Hugh Plat, London: Humfrey Lownes, 1609
The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digby Kt. Opened.
by Kenelme Digby, London: EC. for H. Brome, 1669
Daz Buoch von Guoter Spise
Trans. by Alia Atlas 1993, The original manuscript is dated to between 1345 and 1354.
Two Fifteenth Century Cookery-Books
Edited by Thomas Austin, Oxford: University Press, 1888 and 1964.
Gourmet's Basic French Cookbook
Louis Diat, Weathervane Books, 1961, 1990
Alexandre's Unattributed Inventions
Stuff I have scribbled down that I don't know the origin of or modifications of recipes made for various reasons.
Elinor Fettiplace's Receipt Book
Edited by Hilary Spurling, 1986, Salamader Press, London, Original dated to 1604.
Ancient Cookery
Printed by John Nichols, 1790. Original dated to early 15th century, probably transcribed from earlier originals.
Le Menagier De Paris
Trans. by Janet Hinson, 1988. Original dates to 1395
The Vivendier
Trans. and Edited by Terrence Scully, 1997, Prospect Books, Totnes. Original is dated to 15th Century.
The English Housewife
Gervase Markham, 1615. Edited by Michael R. Best, 1986, McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal.
The French Cook
François Pierre, La Varenne, translated into English in 1653 by I.D.G. Introduction by Philip and Mary Hyman, Southover Press, Lewes, East Sussex, 2001.
Traité de Cuisine
Trans. by Janet Hinson, 1988. Original dates c. 1300
Encyclopedia of Cooking
Uncredited contributor(s), 1985, Exeter Books (Simon&Schuster), New York
The Accomplisht Cook
Robert May, 1st Edition 1660, source is 1685 edition. (More to come)
De re coquinaria
Apicius, c. 4th Century, by way of "A Taste of Rome", by Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa, trans. from Italian by Anna Herklotz
De agricultura
Cato, c. 200 BC, by way of "A Taste of Rome", by Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa, trans. from Italian by Anna Herklotz
Appendix Vergiliana
Virgil(disputed sometimes), c. 0 BC, by way of "A Taste of Rome", by Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa, trans. from Italian by Anna Herklotz
Miscellaneous Sources

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