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Queries have started to come in about the ingredients of the various items - presumably so folks with allergies and such can determine if they should buy feast. Rather than make them slog through the entire article series (although it's greatly rewarding!) I'll summarize.

Not being made by me, but at least flour, water, salt, yeast. Perhaps other ingredients as well.
Romano cheese, ricotta cheese, garlic, celery, coriander, salt.
Olives and whatever was used to cure them. Salt? Olive oil?
Glires Falses
Lamb, salt, pepper, pine-nuts, cumin. String (but don't eat that.)
Cantaloupe, honey, pepper, salt, vinegar.
Chicken, olive oil, salt.
Cold sauce for chicken
Pepper, celery seeds, mint, raisins, honey, wine, vinegar, salt, olive oil. Maybe lovage.
Marinated Mushrooms
Pepper, wine, oil and vinegar.
Agnus crudus
Lamb, olive oil, salt, pepper, coriander.
Betas elixas
Beets, mustard, olive oil, vinegar.
Carrots, cumin, pepper, honey, vinegar, salt. Perhaps lovage, parsely, mint.
Faseoli virides et cicer
Chickpeas, green beans, salt, cumin, olive oil, wine.
Pisces Oenoteganon
Fish, pepper, onions, olive oil, wine, salt, possibly lovage and some other green herbs.
Grapes and other fruits.
Flour, ricotta cheese, honey, egg, olive oil, poppy seeds.
Patina de piris
Pears, pepper, cumin, honey, olive oil, salt, wine, eggs
I don't know exactly, since I'm not in charge, but I think they are basing it off the Spice Cake recipe I redacted for Mudthaw.
Grape juice, water, wine vinegar.

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