Research Into Knowledges

Knowledges may be researched on a season by season basis. In order to research a knowledge, one must have access to appropriate resources, eg. archive material for history, or living old people for recent history, etc. Particularly good sources may allow a bonus of up to +5 on the final roll.

Some knowledges may be amenable to experimentation, but may require some extra material if experimentation is to be done.

The final roll is a stress die (modified as mentioned above). If it exceeds current skill, 2 eps are gained. If it exceeds current skill by a factor of two, 3 eps are gained. If it exceeds current skill by a factor of 3 or more, 4 eps are gained. A botch loses 1 ep (although it will not actually reduce a skill level.) Note: If the current level of the skill is less than five, only 1 or 2 eps may be gained (rather than 2, 3 or 4). If the current skill is greater than 9, Int may be added to the roll.

For other skills, practice, and so on, a character may make a simple roll+Int once per season. If the results is 5 or more, they gain 1 ep in the appropriate skill. The skill must be one that could reasonably be practiced (eg. weapon skills for grogs). This roll may sometimes be made concurrently with other activities. (eg. weapons skills and normal grog duties, researching a magic item and mastering a spell that would be used in the research, etc.).

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