Modified/Reduced Requisites

Some spells demand knowledge of more than one form or technique. In vanilla Ars Magica this is handled by the use of requisites. However, often the spell demands some knowledge of more than one art, but the original art is still predominant. In this case, the requisite is given a multiplier, eg. 2x, 1.5x,etc, which is the number the requisite art score is multiplied by before being compared to the original art. The higher the multiplier, the less important the art is to the spell.


Rise of the Oaken Shield is a ReHe 20 spell with a Crx2 modifier. When Anthorne cast this spell with his Re 10, He 10 and Cr 3, the casting bonus is 10 for his He. For his Technique bonus, compare his Re of 10 to 2x his Cr of 3, or 6. 6 is less than 10, so the the 6 is used, for a total bonus of 16.

A few years later, Anthorne has raised his Cr to 8. His bonus is 10 for He, but his Re of 10 is compared to 2x Cr of 8, or 16. Now the 10 is lower, so the casting bonus is 20.

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