Rochehaut is an early summer Covenant, with the following members: This next magus was added in specifically for the Lakehome saga. Rochehaut is located in a high valley off the main road. They own and run a tavern on the main Roman road, and it is from the tavern they make their money. They do not require much money, as they are fairly self sufficient. The Covenant proper is a a high valley, about 2 miles across 16 miles back from the tavern. There are no fortifications to speak of. The magi live and work in a series of Caverns in the cliffwall on one side of the valley, while the covenfolk, mostly farmers, live in the valley itself. Here they grow grain and grape, which they brew into wine and beer, both for local consumption and use in the tavern. Most of the farmers serve double duty as warriors, often serving for a few years on active duty, then retiring to the farm, and a home guard in case of attack. It is a comfortable, rural covenant.

Their primary source of Vis is Animal, since every year a small number of sheep are born that are entirely black. These sheep when slain, or when they expire naturally, contain Vis. Enough sheep are born to generate 2d10 animal Vis/year. The sheep are allowed to live until the are needed. After their death, they are eaten, and are quite tasty but otherwise normal.

A secondary source of Vis is in a pool between Rochehaut and Stonehollow which produces 4 Aq Vis everyone Summer solstice in the form of blue fish which do not live but move about as if alive.

Being a known and respected Inn, they have many travellers who bring them important news; including bards and the like.

The Library is here.

     Covenant Notes (3rd Edition):				Cost:
     On a Cliff, the Magi and a few grogs/covenfolk		+3    
		the bulk live in the valley
     Small							-1   
     Underground Area, primarily halls and the few labs		+1  
     Strong, the underground area can be used as a fallback	+1
     +3 Magic Aura						 0   
     Well Maintained, Loosely Organized				 0  
     Disorganized Grogs						-1   
     Comitted Grogs, defending their home/family/friends	+1  
     Untrained Grogs						-3
     20 Active Grogs, Standard Arms (20) 
     30 Home guard, Poor Arms (30) Total cost= 			+1
     Few Covenfolk (but lots of farmers and such, no skilled 
	save PC's, but smiths and such) 			-1
     Good Information Sources, from the Inn			+1 
     Normal Rep(Hermes)						 0  
     Friendly Peasants						+1 
     Excellent Reputation among knowledgable travellers (small
	group) as a Good Inn (+3) and Excellent Brewers (+3)	+1
     Shared Laboratory						-2  
     Meager Vis							+1
     Average Aegis						 0
     Standard Arcane Library,  Modest Non-Hermetic Library	 0  
     Standard Equipment, Comfortable, No Mounts		 	 0 
     Judge Obligation 						-1

     Totals  +11  -9
     Watch +3   Defense +3   Contacts +2   Morale +1

And 4th Edition Conversion, added 27 March 2003:
	Site: +2
		Access: 	40% within the Covenant (+1)
				20% at the Tavern, a day away (-1)
				40% within a week  (-2)
		Seclusion:	1/8 weeks (+3)
		Environment:	+1 Aging(+2)
	Buildings: -1
		Size: 8 Magi, 10 Specialists, 20 Grogs
			No impressive features		(-1)
		Quality: Good
		Repair: Average
	Defenses: +3
		Site: Cliff (3 from 3 directions, 2 from 1) 11
		Extent: Small, just the magi and a few others
			No exceptional structure	(-3)
		Repair: Average
	Stores: +1
		Vis: 50 pawns (-1)
		Supplies: Average
		Reputation: Excellent(3) as Inn and Brewers(+3)
			(1/2 cost, small group)
		Allies: None
		Enemies: None
		Contacts: Level 3 from the Inn (3)
	Improvement: -2
		Income: 0
		Vis Supply: Average of 15, (-3)
		Inhabitants: 4 Magi, 10 Specialists, 35 Grogs (-1)
			(counting the home guard at 1/2)
	Library: -4
		Spells: (125 Levels) (-5)
		Hermetic Books: Small (-3)
		Mundane Books: Small(-4)
	Mystical Attributes: 0 
		Aura: +3
		Items: 0
		Laboratories: Shared, -3
It's worth noting that the power level of the Covenants, especially
with respect to the Libraries seems to have jumped wildly between 3rd
and 4th Edition.

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