The Cisalpin Tribunal

The Cisalpin Tribunal is one of the many Tribunals of the Order of Hermes. It is centered roughly on the city of Marseilles, although there is no Covenant in that city. It is the setting of both the first Ars Magica Saga I ran, as well as the current one.

For those of you familar with Ars Magica, there are a few difference between the world in which this Tribunal exists and the world as it has been expanded and expounded upon in various Ars Magica supplements. We began play with nothing but the second edition rules. Sometime later we added to that The Order of Hermes and Covenants. By the time OoH was added, though, we had already constructed our own Tribunal and were not interested in changing it dramatically. We did retcon some of the details of the world and game that were changed or modified in those two supplements, others we left as they were. This means that in the world of these sagas, Tribunals are more numerous and smaller, in general, than they are in the "standard" Ars Magica saga.

It is probably worth noting that the dates are not at all consistent across the documented sagas. Each one started and finished at a different game date, and so if you look at, eg. Stonehollow, you will find listed magi who are only five years old by the dates of play in the current, Lakehome, saga. (For instance, the parens of the Lakehome maga Lilia would have been only 3 when Lilia took the gauntlet.) In other words, I am recycling characters and settings, but not saga history.
The Cisalpin Tribunal (name subject to change) consists of the following Covenants:
  • Lakehome, site of the current saga.
    located roughly at the "n" in Genevre.
  • Stonehollow, the founding of which was the first Saga
    located roughly at the "V" in Valence.
  • Rochehaut, a rural Summer Covenant.
    located just North of the Cabre Pass (Col de Cabre).
  • Bremerren, an Autumn Covenant slipping into Winter
    located just south of the Petit Saint Bernard Pass.
  • Pandrin, a Tremere Summer Covenant
    located more or less due north of Marseille and due east of Avignon.
    • Pandymion of Tremere
    • another 5 magi or so, but only one other who hold sigils
Map of approximately the area covered by the Tribunal. Historically, this would be roughly the area covered by the Kingdom of Arles.

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