Stonehollow is a summer Covenant, with the following members: This was the Covenant founded in the first saga by Marie, Kelvin and Anthorne who wrote the actual Covenant Charter. Play in that saga ended in 1217. When the new saga began, Stonehollow became an NPC. Stats will usually be given both for the Covenant at Saga's end, and also for changes since that time.

The various notes will be added slowly to this section, since I have to try to reconstruct some of them from a game which ended five years ago.

The Covenant is located in the Barony of Surmont, a valley which also serves as a pass in the South of France. The actual site is slightly out of the valley proper in the mountains which surround it. It's primary source of both vis and income is a silver mine which turns up crystals of vis now and then. The type and quantity of vis varies each year.

The Library is here.

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